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‘As Soon as We See ‘The Bob’ We Know Some S–t About to go Down’: Halle Berry’s Tweet Poked Fun at Her Being a ‘Child’s Savior’ In Some of Her Acting Roles

A clip from Usher’s tiny desk performance turned into a new meme that has made its way around the Twitterverse. 

On June 30, singer/songwriter Usher performed a live concert at a desk hosted by NPR Music. During his performance, the 43-year-old had a quick music break and told the fans to “Watch this.” 

As Soon as We See ?The Bob? We Know Some S?t About to go Down': Halle Berry's Tweet Poked Fun at Her Being a 'Child's Savior' In Some of Her Acting Roles
Photo: @halleberry/Instagram

Many fans have turned the three- second clip into a meme to explain silly scenarios, and Halle Berry joined in on the trend. 

Though Halle Berry has been in numerous films, there has been a long running joke created by fans where they believe that Halle Berry only agrees to participate in a film if a child needs saving.

The joke stemmed from three of her movies following the same storyline. The 1995 drama “Losing Isaiah,” the 2013 thriller “The Call” and the 2017 action thriller “Kidnap” all revolved around her either rescuing a kid or trying to get her child back. 

Instead of the actress taking offense to the joke, she poked fun at herself on Twitter with the Usher meme. The 55-year-old captioned her tweet, “I know she’s not about to save another kid in this mov…” with Usher’s clip saying, “watch this” following below. 

The tweet received over 18,000 retweets and over 124,000 likes on the app; fans even attached their own comments under the joke. 

“As soon as we see ‘The Bob’ we know some s–t about to go down,” one user wrote. The fan also had three photos of the actress in a short curly bob from when she portrayed her roles as Khaila Richards in “Losing Isaiah,” Jordan Turner in “The Call” and Karla Dyson in “Kidnap.”

Another fan uploaded two photos of the Academy Award winner and said, “It be this curl pattern that be activating the ‘Save a Kid’ Halle Berry. 

“The best part about Halle Berry doing the ‘find my kid’ movies is that we laugh but still support her getting the bag,” one fan noted. 

It’s safe to say Halle Berry didn’t take offense to the long-time joke and enjoys laughing at herself every now and again. 

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