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‘Thirsty for a Check’: Fans Are Left Questioning Lamar Odom After He Revealed He’ll Be Participating In a ‘Celebrity Boxing Match’ Against Fake Drake

Retired NBA player Lamar Odom is allegedly scheduled to fight Drake lookalike also known as “Fake Drake” in a celebrity boxing match this upcoming October in real Drake’s honor. 

TheShadeRoom posted a video of the tenth-place contestant in “Dancing with the Stars” season 28 telling “Fake Drake,” who originally goes by Izzy, “I hear this fake lookalike wanna fight my mans Drake.” Lamar continued, “My man don’t really get his hands dirty, so what I’mma do, I’ll step in the way and take that fight.” 

Thirsty for a Check': Fans Are Left Questioning Lamar Odom After He Revealed He'll Be Participating In a 'Celebrity Boxing Match' Against Fake Drake
Lamar Odom. (Photo: @lamarodom/Instagram)

Although this is not Lamar’s first celebrity boxing match — he fought and knocked out rapper Aaron Carter last year — viewers were still confused at the odd pairing match up and also tried to figure out the real reason behind Lamar agreeing to do the boxing match. 

“Lamar please don’t be thirsty for a check.”

“Lamar you have been doing good but this is a set back you don’t need smh”

“This is what it has come to Lamar? Smh”

“What is going on here Lamar?”

“Lamar please wrap this foolishness up.”

While some fans questioned the point of the celebrity boxing match, others questioned the celeb status of “Fake Drake.”

“They are just calling anyone a celebrity nowadays.”

“He’s not a celebrity, he’s a look-alike”

“This celebrity boxing match is just embarrassing.”

Though a lot of fans showed disinterest in the boxing match, there were a few who expressed their excitement to watch this showdown, 

“I honestly love these celebrity fights.”

“I’m honestly just proud of Lamar for staying clean and collecting his coins. It’s admirable.”

The two time NBA champion recently opened up again about his past struggles with substance abuse. In 2021, the former basketball star talked to “Good Morning America” about his recovery. 

He told the magazine, “I went to rehab and did some other things, but ketamine came into my life at the right time.” He mentioned that he felt, “Amazing. I’m alive. I’m sober. I’m happy.”

Odom definitely has run into setbacks in the past but wouldn’t be held hostage by them, and he remains unafraid to tackle new opportunities. 

The “Celebrity Big Brother” cast member newly revealed he has a new show coming July 18 on Roku titled “The Bounce Back with Lo Show,” which will also feature WNBA player, Ezinne Kalu. 

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