‘Liquor Store Parking Lot Vibes’: Lamar Odom Knocks Out Aaron Carter In Odd Celebrity Boxing Matchup

Aaron Carter may have told fans “how he beat Shaq” back in the day, but he can’t say the same for Lamar Odom after their recent celebrity boxing match.

Lamar Odom (left) and Aaron Carter (right) went head-to-head in a celebrity boxing showcase on June 11. (Photos: @lamarodom/Instagram, @aaroncarter/Twitter)

The matchup, which took place on Friday, June 11, at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was much shorter than anticipated, going for only two of ththree rounds before technical knockout was declared after Odom’s punches backed Carter against the railing and brought him to his knees.

Many questioned the fairness of the fight between 6-foot Carter and 6-foot-10 Odom from the beginning. Ahead of their faceoff, the 41-year-old former NBA player weighed in at 239.5 pounds while the 33-year-old musician was 175, creating a nearly 65-pound difference between the two. Carter wasn’t discouraged by the odds not being in his favor, however, and gave his best effort in the bout.

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell served as guest referee and Ice-T and Coco appeared as special guests during the match.

Lamar Odom promotes his match against Carter. @lamarodom/Instagram

Fans were tickled by the TKO, as well as the strange pairing in general, and had plenty to say on social media.

“why Lamar Odom fighting Aaron Carter man lmfao we really in the last days”

“if you think i’m going to waste my money on Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter a week after I wasted my money on Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, just know that you’re absolutely correct.”

“This Lamar Odom Aaron Carter fight is giving me liquor store parking lot vibes”

“Aaron carter look like a ragdoll getting thrown around by Lamar Odom LMAOOOOOOOO”

Aaron Carter jokes about his two-round match and TKO. Photo Credit: @aaroncarter/Twitter

Carter seems to be taking the loss lightly and has been making fun of himself on social media. “I got punched in the throat so hard lol that sh-t was so much fun!!!!” he tweeted. “I actually had a blast so y’all can say what you want. But I don’t see you at 6’ fighting a giant. Takes a bow*”

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