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‘He Introduced Me to Her’: Kevin Hunter Speaks on Charlamagne Tha God Publicly Blasting Him About Having a Mistress While Married to Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter is still being questioned in interviews about his ex-wife, Wendy Williams, despite the two finalizing their divorce in 2019. The former manager and ex-husband of the talk show host was also asked about his history with Wendy’s former intern Charlamagne Tha God. He explained that the two would look out for each other, especially regarding his extramarital affairs.

“We gon’ keep talking about Wendy?” Hunter told interviewer Choke No Joke. He refused to answer specifics about Wendy’s bank dispute against Wells Fargo, but he said he foresees her “excelling” in the future.

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Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams (L) and Charlamagne Tha God (R). Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage, Toni Anne Barson/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Hunter was also asked about his infidelity in their marriage. He replied, “No comment,” when asked if Wendy cheated in their relationship. In the midst of discussing his company, Hunter Publishing, he was then asked about the status of his relationship with Charlamagne.

“I stand on this: Taking nothing away from his talent, which he clearly has, but he would have never been able to see the light of day in the No. 1 market with the way that these vultures are, if you know what I’m talking about,” he explained. “There’s no room.”

In part three of the interview, Hunter shared different instances where he claims Charlamagne “held me down” and vice versa. He said Charlamagne lived at his condo in New Jersey for five years, adding that he looked out for him as a “little brother.”

The two allegedly parted ways over managerial disputes, but Hunter says he has always applauded Charlamagne’s professional career.

“In one aspect, I applaud the efforts of, but I’m not like on some G s–t, in how you went out on me because of…how you went out on me because of a girl, over a girl. That happens to be my baby mama. Let me say the mother of my child.”

He said he wasn’t happy with how Charlamagne made a “mockery ” of his family on air.

“Was it cool that you got on the air and made a mockery of the whole thing, when you was part of it and you knew the family structure that was being instituted? And you know what, regardless of my own actions, there’s a certain code amongst men.

He admitted Charlamagne knew about his affair with Sharina Hudson, the mother of his love child, who was born in March 2019. The two got engaged last October. “He introduced me to her,” said Hunter.

After Hunter’s decade-long affair with Hudson became open knowledge following the birth of his child with her, Wendy filed for divorce. He was then removed from his position as her manager, along with his role as executive producer on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Later that month, Charlamagne crowned Hunter “Donkey of the Day” and slammed him in a diss-filled rant on his radio show, “The Breakfast Club.” He said, “Kev, you deserve everything that’s happening to you right now, because you need to understand that everything you attempt to do to someone, has already been done to you.” He added, “You was so busy trying to get me fired, and look.”

The 43-year-old then accused Hunter of destroying his own career by “trying to curse others.”

He continued, “Did you really think that you could go around treating people the way you treat them and not suffer any consequences from the universe all these years? The sad part is, you treat everybody like do-do, but the one person that you treat like do-do that you should never treat like do-do is your soon-to-be ex-wife.”

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