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‘Wayyy Up She’s Blessed’: Riley Curry Turns 10 and Fans Reminisce About Her Iconic Singing Video During Her Father’s Postgame Interview

Ayesha and Steph Curry’s oldest baby girl, Riley Curry, isn’t a baby anymore.  

The couple recently posted birthday shoutouts on their Instagram wishing their now-10-year-old daughter a happy birthday. 

Wayyy Up She's Blessed': Riley Curry Turns 10 and Fans Reminisce About Her Iconic Singing Video During Her Father's Postgame Interview
Pictured: Riley Curry Source: @stephencurry30

Ayesha began her birthday message by saying, “And just like that… she’s 10! DOUBLE DIGITS! Howwww?” She continued, “I feel like just yesterday @stephencurry30 and I were two youngins at a hospital in Monroe NC welcoming our first bundle of joy into the world. Life truly comes at you fast and we had no idea what God had in store for our little family.”

The author and cook noted how quickly the years go by and described Riley with having an “Empathic nature, wit and creative insanely smart brain.” Ayesha reiterated how much she and Steph love their little girl and end the birthday paragraph by jokingly wishing the next 10 years, “move like molasses.”

NBA champion Steph Curry captioned his birthday message, “July 19 2012. 10 years watching you blossom has been the best of the best! Now- stop growing up so fast please… We love you [heart eyes]. Wayyyy up she feels blessed [unicorn emoji] [soccer ball emoji].”

Steph’s last sentence referenced Riley’s second unforgettable appearance at her father’s press conference for the NBA finals in 2015. The then-2-year-old stole the spotlight from her dad once again as soon as she met him on the podium and quoted a line from the song “Blessed” by Big Sean, featuring Drake and Kanye West

While Steph was about to answer a reporter’s question, the energetic toddler leaned into the microphone and said, “Way up I feel blessed.” 

The small line not only made Riley an internet sensation, but also received the notice of Big Sean who tweeted, “God Bless lil Riley Curry! Waayyy Up!!” in response to her video. 

Fans of the couple reminisced back about that moment as they wished Riley a happy birthday. 

“Mann no way she turned 10, she was just at those post game interviews telling you to be quiet”

“10 already?! Seems like yesterday she was saying ‘Way up I feel blessed’ happy birthday!”

“Wayyy up, she’s blessed! [heart eyes]”

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