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‘The Legs Are to Die for’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ ‘Snatched’ Figure Steals the Show as She Models New Attire

Tracee Ellis Ross took to Instagram over the weekend to showcase a new outfit that helped accentuate her curvy figure.

In the post shared on July 17, the actress sported a red two-piece fit from Lizzo’s Yitty collection, which included a top and bottom, while posing at an undisclosed location. Yitty is a shapewear line created with the athletic lifestyle brand Fabletics.

The collection was first released in April.

The Legs Are to Die for': Tracee Ellis Ross? 'Snatched' Figure Steals the Show as She Models New Attire
Tracee Ellis Ross shows off her Yitty athletic two-piece attire and fans are loving it. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

Alongside the attire, a fresh-faced Ross completed the look with a black blazer, high-heeled shoes, and a low bun. In addition to the post, Ross thanked the singer for making her feel “cute and snatched.” 

She wrote in the caption, “Finally opened my @yitty box. Thank you @lizzobeeating …you got me feelin cute & snatched!” As fans viewed the upload, many raved over how good the 49-year-old looked. Several individuals mentioned that Ross has a way of always making her attire look fashionably appealing to her followers. 

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

“One of the most beautiful lady I ever seen in my life.”

“You can’t keep doing this to us. You keep us wanting more.”

“Tracee… anything you wear looks great on you.”

“Snatched for the gods momma.”

“Tracy stay giving fine.”

Among the previous responses, others complimented Ross’ long legs. One wrote, “Yessss the legs are to die for wow my goodness.” Another said, “legs for days.” A third social media user posted, “Awesome set of legs.”

Over the years, Ross credited yoga, ballet-inspired workouts, stair exercises and more as physical activities that help her maintain her slim physique and toned legs. In July 2018, the “black-ish” star disclosed why she feels exercise and incorporating a form of self-care is essential. 

She wrote in the caption that working out helps her feel strong and carry herself differently. “INTERNATIONAL SELF CARE DAY ~ exercise helps make my body strong enough to do what i set my heart and mind to. i carry myself differently when i feel strong.”

Ross added, “I’ve always worked out and been active, and it’s one of the ways i care for myself: along with meditation, baths, eating beautiful things that make me happy, being silent, and being with friends and family. self-care is one of the active ways that i love myself. when you can and as you can, in ways that feel loving, make time and space for yourself.”

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