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‘I Still Don’t Like Her Because of This Role’: Sheryl Lee Ralph and ‘Abbot Elementary’ Co-star Re-Enacts This Scene from ‘Sister Act 2’

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” became a fan favorite after the film made its theatrical debut in 1993. The musical comedy, the second installment to “Sister Act,” starred Whoopi GoldbergLauryn HillSheryl Lee Ralph and many others. 

The movie followed Goldberg’s character Delores Van Cartier as she helped her nun friends by teaching a music class under the guise of Sister Mary Clarence at a Catholic school set for closure.

I Still Don't Like Her Because of This Role': Sheryl Lee Ralph and 'Abbot Elementary' Co-star Re-Enacts This Scene from 'Sister Act 2'
Sheryl Lee Ralph and her “Abbott Elementary” co-star Larry Owens re-enact a scene from “Sister Act 2.” Photo:@sherylleeralph/Instagram

In “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit,” the Emmy-nominated actress portrayed the role of Lauryn Hill’s mother, Florence Watson, an overprotective parent who wants her daughter to pursue a lucrative career other than singing. 

In an Instagram post shared on July 9, Ralph re-enacted a scene from the film with her “Abbott Elementary” co-star Larry Owens. The particular act involved Florence and Hill’s character Rita Watson arguing about her aspirations of wanting to become a musician. 

In the clip, Ralph, who is playing Rita, starts by saying, “But mama.” Owens then jumps in as Florence’s character and said, “Singing does not put food on the table. Singing does not pay the bills. Your father was a singer and now where is he? Out on the street with those other people singing their shoulda, coulda, wouldas.” 

The recording wraps with a stunned Ralph saying, “whoo.” In addition to the upload, the 65-year-old wrote this caption while raving over Owens and his “Abbott Elementary” character named Zack: “Had to share some @abbottelemabc BTS with you. And I am telling you you’re gonna love Zack!! I do.” 

Following the post, Owens responded, “What a privilege to learn from you and work alongside a LEGEND with an infinitely quotable resume! Next season we’ll add “SWEET BABY JESUS AND THE GROWN ONE TOO”!”

As Ralph’s video made its rounds on social media blog sites, many praised the star for her contributions to the entertainment industry by playing iconic characters.

“Listen!! There are just some scenes with you in it that are TIMELESS! You were everyone’s mama! I know that tone all too well.”

“Come on with a CLASSIC and perfectly executed line! Lol I love to see this love and respect.”

“Sister Act 2…you delivered that lacked nothing gave everything sis.”

“I just (heart emoji) how YOU and soooo many of your ICONIC roles & lines are ingrained in our SOULS!!!!”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned how much they despised Ralph’s character in “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.” One wrote, “This scene pissed me off so bad.” Another said, “I still don’t like her because of this role right here (laughing emoji).”

A third person posted, “The worst movie mother in movie history! Couldn’t stand her! Let the girl sing!”

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