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‘Brittish Still Mad About the Dry Hi’s She Received Long Time Ago’: Fans React to Malaysia Pargo and Brittish Williams’ Argument In ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 10 Mid-Season Trailer

The mid-season trailer for “Basketball Wives” season 10 dropped and to no surprise, more drama was revealed. RealityEntertainmentTV uploaded the preview onto its Instagram page, where it showcased what’s to come from the rest of the show. 

The teaser was filled with a bunch of miniscule scenes that surrounded a ladies’ trip to Vegas; scene glimpses seemed to show a combination of the ladies having fun, attending dinner, and, of course, going at it with one another. 

Brittish Still Mad About the Dry Hi's She Received Long Time Ago': Fans React to Malaysia Pargo and Brittish Williams' Argument In 'Basketball Wives' Season 10 Mid-Season Trailer
Malaysia Pargo (left) and Brittish Williams (right) SOURCE: @malaysiainthecity @brittishwilliams/Instagram

The trailer showed numerous arguments among the group of ladies; Brooke Bailey versus Jackie Christie, Brittish Williams versus Malaysia Pargo, and Brooke Bailey versus new castmate Nia Dorsey. The trailer ended with a heated argument between Brooke and Nia that resulted in an ambulance being called. Though the last scene looked intense, many fans only commented on the Brittish and Malaysia scene. 

In that clip, it showed Brittish telling Malaysia, “You’re a weird a– b—h, Brandi is stupid for even talking to you,” she continued her statement but this time directed it toward Brandi Maxiell, “Love you to death, but you should not deal with that b—h.”

While it is unknown what started the beef, Malaysia can be seen walking away from the group of ladies as Brittish continued to yell at her. That scene left a distasteful feeling in many fans’ mouths and they took to the comments section to share their thoughts and stand up for Malaysia.

A few fans alleged that Malaysia was being used as a storyline for some of the women this season. “Leave Malaysia alone! Not everyone using her for a storyline.” One fan wrote. “I wonder how Malaysia feels giving these women a storyline.”  

Others suggested that Malaysia should receive her own show due to her being the ‘IT girl’ this season. One comment said, “Malaysia seems to be the IT girl as usual. Everybody wanna jump on her this season. Every scene with the group is giving ‘Malaysia this Malaysia that’ where’s Malaysia’s spin-off at this point?” 

Another comment joked about Brittish and Malaysia’s past interaction that led to an argument in, “Basketball Wives LA” season three. “Brittish still mad about the dry hi’s she received long time ago [skull emoji].” 

The fan is referring to an argument that took place in 2014, between the co-stars. Brittish felt when Malaysia attended her event that Malaysia gave her, “A dry high.”

Malaysia explained herself and said, “It wasn’t a dry high; it was general hello.” However, Brittish did not feel as though it was. The mellow-toned conversation quickly became a screaming match between the two ladies and would’ve turned into a physical altercation had Malaysia’s ex-bestie, Brandi, notstepped in.

Fast forward six years later and the ladies are at it again. Tune in every Monday at 8 p.m. on VH1 in order to see how it ends this time.

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