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‘We Can’t Get It Together’: Kandi Confirms Xscape Started Filming a New Reality Series Last Week But Admits There Is Drama

After last year’s epic “Verzuz” battle, Xscape and SWV are gearing up to join forces again on a reality show. According to Deadline, Mona Scott-Young of Monami Productions has green-lit the unscripted series that will air on Bravo later this winter. Mona is also the mastermind behind VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” series. Burruss sat down to answer a few fan questions during a live session, where she admits the drama is already brewing.

“OK, so filming started last week and it’s already craziness happening. I can tell you that already,” she said in a video shared on her fan page, @kandiburrussfanpage, on Instagram.

We Can?t Get It Together?: Kandi Confirms Xscape Started Filming a New Reality Series Last Week But Admits There Is Drama
Xscape members (top) and SWV trio (bottom). (Photo: @officialxscape/Instagram, @therealleleeswv/Instagram.)

The Xscape singer revealed that the drama is not between the two groups but rather is within hers. “My own group…we can’t —” she began before a voice in the background finished her sentence by saying, “Can’t get right.”

The reality star continued, “We just can’t get it together to save our life, child. I don’t know what we be going through.”

Fellow Xscape members LaTocha Scott-Bivens, Tamika Scott, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris will also star in the limited series along with SWV’s LeAnne “Lelee” Lyons, Cheryl “Coko” Gamble, and Tamara “Taj” George. Both groups will be credited as executive producers of the Bravo series that will be filming over the next few months.

During the chat, Burruss also confirmed that Xscape and SWV will be performing at the 2022 Essence Festival this weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Mona, I’m sure got some stuff planned,” she said in response to a fan who asked what the series will be about. “You know they don’t always want to tell you. They want to throw some sneak stuff on you.”

It’s been five years since these ’90s hip hop and R&B artists appeared on reality TV. SWV came together on We TV’s series “SWV: Reunited,” where fans got a glimpse at their comeback tour life. The nostalgic trio also joined legendary hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa on BET’s “Ladies Night” back in 2019.

The multi-platinum-selling girl group Xscape last appeared on reality TV in Bravo’s “Xscape: Still Kickin It.” The talented foursome pulled it together in two weeks in preparation for the 2017 BET Awards for their first performance together in decades. The series documents their journey as 40-something mothers and artists still battling issues from the past.

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