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‘I Don’t Know Why Anyone Would Choose This’: Fans Crack Up at Tracee Ellis Ross’ First Festival Experience to Support Mom Diana Ross

Fans are falling over laughing at Tracee Ellis Ross, who recently attended England’s Glastonbury Festival over the weekend. The comedic actress showed up equipped and ready to spend hours in the sun watching today’s iconic artists perform on stage, including her mother, Diana Ross.

On Sunday, June 26, the former fashion model shared an Instagram video from what might be her first and last festival experience. In the video, the star from the musical “The High Note” looked into the camera and said, “So I’m at a festival. It’s the first time for everything,” while the person holding it asked if this was her last time attending a festival.

I Don?t Know Why Anyone Would Choose This': Fans Crack Up at Tracee Ellis Ross' First Festival Experience to Support Mom Diana Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross attends her first music festival to support her mother, Diana Ross. (Photo: @traceellisross/Instagram.)

“Probably,” she admitted. “I don’t know why anyone would choose this. But I will do it for my family.”

In the caption, she explained what she was going for with her festival look, which consisted of a vintage shirt with a photo of her mother, Black sunglasses, a Gucci backpack and a Prada belt bag for the front.

“GLASTONBURY ~ oh, the places I’ll go for my family. Grand opening. Grand Closing on festival life,” wrote the “black-ish” star. “But my mama was glorious on that stage. And yes, I am aware that I have a front and a backpack on. I was ready for all all things. #familylife #glastonbury.”

Speaking of family, Tracee was joined in the video by her sisters, Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Chudney Ross. The trio hung out backstage singing and watching their mother perform hits such as “My World Is Empty Without You” by The Supremes for Glastonbury Festival attendees. There’s also a clip of Tracee singing to her younger brother, Evan Ross, and another of her singing Diana’s hit song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

One person in the comments section of Tracee’s post described Diana Ross’ performance on the Glastonbury stage as “phenomenal.” That person wrote, “My husband’s cousin did the stage lighting for your mom. Your mom’s performance was phenomenal.”

Most fans were cracking up, including a few who called her “a whole damn mood.” A handful said they couldn’t picture her attending a festival, and some wanted to know what was in both backpacks. Here’s what a few others had to say.

“Festival Tracee KILLS ME.”

“Never thought I would see you at a festival!!”

“Omg, I love your shirt bet you have the best collection from Mom.”

“What’s in the bag sis? Ready for anything type-ish?”

“I mean the packs are Prada and Gucci so why not?!”

One person referred to Tracee’s character Joan Clayton on the hit series “Girlfriends,” when” asking, “What’s in the bag, Joan?” Another said, “And I bet you were the most prepared camp-go wait festival-goer ever!”

A third observer described Tracee Ellis Ross as “A whole damn mood even when she isn’t in the mood.”

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