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‘How Can I Get on the Payroll?’: Tyler Perry Shocks Fans When He Reveals How Much His Payroll Was While Throwing a Bash for His Employees

Tyler Perry‘s fans are claiming that the mogul may be considered the best boss of all time after revealing his massive payroll.

This admission came on June 19 when Perry shared that he threw a Juneteenth bash for his Tyler Perry Studios employees.

How Can I Get on the Payroll?': Tyler Perry Shocks Fans When He Reveals How Much His Payroll Was?While Throwing a Bash for His Employees
Tyler Perry reveals that his payroll was worth $154 million dollars as he shared a clip from his company’s Juneteenth bash. @tylerperry/Instagram

In the Instagram post, the 52-year-old uploaded a clip from the event, including a video of Usher performing his 2004 hit “Confessions.” Alongside the recording, Perry explained that he threw the party to celebrate all the work his employees have accomplished within the company. 

While mentioning his “payroll alone” was $154 million, he wrote, “On this Juneteenth I threw a party for all the incredible people that work at Tyler Perry Studios. I wanted to celebrate the accomplishment that these amazing people have all achieved. My payroll alone was 154 million dollars, and that money went to all the people in this crowd.”

As many viewed Perry’s post, a handful of his followers asked if there were any job openings. 

“How can I get on the payroll?”

“That is awesome! I’m trying to get on your payroll next!”

“Are you hiring tho???”

“Graceful. how can I get on the payroll?”

“This is so awesome!! Any openings?.”

Among the previous remarks, others pointed out that Perry’s generosity is one of the many reasons he’s very successful.

One wrote, “That’s why God will continue to bless you. It may come out of your pocket but from your heart first.” Another said, “That Is What You Called Humble! And God May Have Blessed You But He Is Not Done With You Yet! Blessings Will Keep Coming.”

A third Instagram user stated, “Awesome!!! This is why the windows of heaven continue to pour out the unmeasurable favor of God upon you @tylerperry I can testify that you started like this, and didn’t wait for the over flow to be the blessing in the lives of many!!!!Well done sir!”

Despite revealing his payroll, Perry didn’t share any additional details, including how much his company made in total revenue.

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