‘I Thought This Was Kim K for a Split Sec’: La La Anthony’s New Look Has Fan Mistaking Her for Kim Kardashian

Recently La La Anthony has been turning heads after experimenting with her looks. Last week the actress made headlines for showing off her amber-colored locks.

On June 3, after rocking the look for a few days, Anthony and her hairstylist Arrogant Tae decided to ditch the hairdo for a blond bob.

La La Anthony
La La Anthony debuts a new look and fans mistake the actress for her best friend Kim Kardashian. Photo:@arrogant_tae123/Instagram

In the Instagram Story shared on Tae’s accounts, Anthony is seen flaunting her lighter hairdo as she dances along to Jack Harlow’s hit “First Class.” As the clip continued, the 39-year-old gave fans a front and back view of her latest installation by spinning around.

The recording ends with Anthony posing for the camera. In addition to the upload, Tae captioned the video, “My baby @lala.” As Anthony’s new look began circulating online, many people confused the “BMF” star for her best friend, Kim Kardashian.

One individual went as far as to claim they thought Anthony was three different people, including Kardashian, Hazel E, and Keri Hilson.

La La Anthony and Kim Kardashian
La La Anthony (left) and Kim Kardashian (right). (Photos: @arrogant_tae123/Instagram, @kimkardashian/Instagram)

“Thought she was Kim K, Hazel E and Keri Hilson each angle”

“I thought this was Kim K for a split sec.”

“But why she look like Kim in the face & Kim shape??”

“Her and Kim look just alike and that’s weird.” 

“So nobody else thinks Kim and La La favor each other.”

Among the comparison remarks, others mentioned that Anthony has slowly transformed into Kardashian’s twin since hanging out with her. One wrote, “She wanna be Kim K sooo bad, and I hate that for her! Alllll the way down to the body, AND poses! Ugh!.”

Another said, “She’s beautiful, but I was more impressed by her natural beauty. Now, she looks like the other Kim K wannabe.” A third Instagram user stated, “Why do the ladies that hang with the Kardashians start looking and acting like them? They don’t act like themselves.”

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