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‘Mind Your Business’: T.I. Hits Backs at Fans Bothered By His Lack of a Public ‘Happy Birthday’ Message to Daughter Deyjah, Family Drama Surrounding Her 21st Birthday Heats Up on Social 

Turning 21 is a big deal for most, but when you’re T.I.’s child, as Deyjah Harris is, a celebratory moment can turn into an opportunity for drama to rear its head.

Such was the case as Deyjah was flooded with birthday messages on June 17 from fans, friends, and estranged family members. One person’s message that was noticeably missing from the countless reshares in Deyjah’s IG story was her father, Atlanta rapper T.I.

Deyjah Harris
Deyjah Harris and T.I. @princess_of_da_south and @troubleman/Instagram

Tip, likely not thinking anything of his lack of a post, was hit with snark from a fan who felt he slighted his daughter. While going live on IG, the “Live Your Life” rapper slammed those who fail to understand real life happens outside of the confines of social apps, and that not everything has to be put on display for consumption.

“Insiders have all of the information, they have all of the capabilities to reach out and talk to motherf—rs personally, and actually have a relationship outside of the internet,” explained the rapper turned-novice-standup comedian. T.I. went on to explain that outsiders are the complete opposite and the only ones taking issue with the convoluted world of social media. And despite tense moments shared between the father and daughter, T.I made it clear there is no bad blood between them these days.

“My daughter know I love her, my daughter know I talk to her, my daughter know what —man, mind your motherf—in’ business. Mind your business,” he continued. “Me and my daughter, man, on A-1000. My daughter one of the realest people I’ve ever met in my life, and she ain’t impressed by no internet display. If a motherf—r display some s—t on the internet and that s—t ain’t reciprocated in real life, she done already peeped that s—t anyway. Unlike you.” 

The budding young woman also found herself addressing a family member after receiving a birthday message that she felt was not genuine. “Happy 21st birthday to my snake ass lil cousin,” wrote Deyjah’s cousin Mecie. Deyjah, who generally strays from online bickering, took notice of the post and responded by writing in part, “baby you’re in your 30’s acting like this, I thought we were better than that..anyway, I thank you for the birthday post even though we both known it wasn’t genuine.”

Mecie displeased with her cousin’s response hit back by claiming Deyjah indulges in negativity, while also claiming past birthday posts have gone ignored.

Feeling the need to not only clarify why there is an issue between her and Mecie, but also apologize to her followers, Deyjah issued an explanation in the comments of The Neighbrhood Talk’s post about the back-and-forth exchange. 

“I just wanna make it clear that this is my mom’s side of the family lol…a few of my family members up in the dmv are crazy so I’m used to it however…even though I shouldn’t have to say it, I just wanna apologize to anyone who watched my story or her story last night because that’s absolutely ridiculous,” she wrote. 

“I don’t bother NOBODY at all so this genuinely caught me off guard and if she’s felt a way about me not reposting her birthday message (which she hasn’t done in years) then we should’ve been able to have a RESPECTFUL, HONEST, and HEALTHY conversation as adults as opposed to her bringing it to social media. It’s so sad, we used to be so close growing up and now? Things have to change; Boundaries have be reinforced. My love has to be given from a distance. Again, I apologize to anyone who had to see me go back and forth with my own blood, that’s sad. I hope y’all are having a great weekend, be safe if you go out anywhere, and take care of yourself please (:”

Her mother, Ms. Niko, also addressed the matter online by writing, “I gotta lil punk ass cousin who better move TF around before the old me pop up and show her just how negative s—t can get…[100 emoji]. #FindSomethingSafeToPlayWithB—ch



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