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‘If Tom Would Have Stole One of Them, He Would be the One In the Wrong’: Lebron James Slams Paparazzi After a Video Shows Tom Hanks Snapping After Wife Rita Trips and Nearly Falls Due to Being Pushed

A video of “Forest Gump” actor Tom Hanks defending his wife against paparazzi and fans has gone viral. The video showed him with his wife, Rita Wilson, surrounded by paparazzi with fans running toward him as they walk to their car. A few seconds into the video it showed someone bumping into Wilson and nearly knocking her over. 

In the video you can hear Wilson yell, “Guys, stop it!” Whereupon Hanks then said, “My wife? Back the f–k off!” The “Castaway” actor then proceeded to say, “ Knocking over my wife.” 

Many people have come to Hanks’ defense, and one person, in particular, was the king of the NBA and four-ring championship basketball player LeBron James

LeBron went on his Twitter page and tweeted in agreement to how Hanks reacted. He said, “I just saw the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being trampled over by paparazzi. What the f–k ever happened to personal space?” He continued, “Now if Tom would have stole one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably getting sued!”

The “Space Jam: A New Legacy” actor finished his tweet with “How are they [paparazzi] protected more than he and his wife?” 

LeBron’s tweet was screenshot and posted on Therealearthquake’s Instagram page. Many individuals had an opinion on the situation and couldn’t have agreed more with the billionaire. 

One commenter said, “I would’ve definitely chose violence this day.” Another person said, “Tom, we got your bail money because this is ridiculous [100 emoji].”

A fan declared, “I see no problem with that man protecting his wife.. By any means necessary! Tf wrong with people!?!”

LeBron James has been in the spotlight for many years and knows how crazy people can act toward celebrities. In 2010, LeBron first announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat and many “fans” turned their backs on him and burned his jersey. There was even a YouTube Video that showed fans committing the acts. 

While it can be an exciting feeling to meet a celebrity, it is important to remember they are human beings just like everyone else. 

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