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‘Maaaaan Public School Not That Bad, Bruh’: 2 Chainz Pays Nearly $100K In Tuition for Three Kids, Fans React

2 Chainz and his wife Kesha Epps share three children together. The happily married couple regularly share family moments on Instagram and frequently attend the Atlanta Hawks basketball games. But he’s not a fan of what he pays for his kids’ tuition.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta rapper shared a screenshot of a text from Kesha, where she reminded her husband that the due date to pay their kids’ tuition was approaching.

Maaaaan Public School Not That Bad, Bruh': 2 Chainz Pays Nearly 0K In Tuition for Three Kids, Fans React
2 Chainz jokes about paying nearly $100K in tuition costs for his kids. (Photo: @2chainz/Instagram.)

“Hey guys! Another year has approached us and it is time to pay tuition again,” read the message from Epps. “Payment is due June 15th. Here is the break down…”

A total of $31,150 is for their ninth-grade daughter, Heaven. Their daughter, Harmony, who is in the fifth grade, has a balance of $38,680. The amount of $26,700 is due for their baby boy Halo, who is in the first grade. The grand total came out to $96,530.

“Thank you for being a great father and husband,” Epss concluded the text.

Now that might be a large amount for many. But for most rappers, anything under $100,000 might be considered chump change. But not the “Duffle Bag Boy,” who jokingly captioned the post, “Kesha hell. I’m fina send ya’ kids to Duke for this kinda money.” Epps responded in the comments by asking, “Mannnn, why did you post this?”

With three kids and tuition that costs just as much as college, fans had plenty to say, including those expressing that 2 Chainz could teach his kids from home. One commentator said, “I think you smart enough to home school em, bruh.” Here’s what others had to say.

“Maaaaan public school not THAT bad, bruh.”

“But why it cost more for 5th grade.”

“Geez! That’s more than my teacher salary.”

“Chile, if only that went towards my student loans, id be set.”

“Damn wut they teachin’ first graders that cost 26,000 tho??? They tyin’ triple loops in they shoes huh?”

Although it may hurt their pockets, a handful of successful moneymakers can empathize with 2 Chainz and his current wallet pains. “I know the feeling,” said Pierre “Pee” Thomas, co-founder of Quality Control Music and a father of four.

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller wrote, “Join the club, bro. I gotta do the same for the three kids. Well. Worse.” NBA baller and father of three Lou Williams added, “I feel your pain. Shit hurt my soul every time. We [fire] tho.”

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