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‘I Am Not the Reason Why You Weren’t on the Show’: Why Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo’s Friendship Beef Runs Deeper Than Audiences Have Seen

In the recent episode of VH1’s hit show “Basketball Wives,” built-up tension between former best friends Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell erupted and finally hit the fan. 

I Am Not the Reason Why You Weren't on the Show': Why Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo's Friendship Beef Runs Deeper Than Audiences Have Seen
Brandi Maxiell (left), Malaysia Pargo (right). (Photos: @brandimaxiell/Instagram, @malaysiainthecity/Instagram

The “Basketball Wives series” follows the lives of women who ostensibly all have one thing in common: they are either married to, were married to, or have been in a relationship with an NBA player. 

The reality show first aired in 2010 and is executively produced by entrepreneur Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife of retired Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal. 

The show hit a milestone this year as it has entered its tenth season, and the season is not slowing down on its drama. 

In the first two episodes of the show, the reasons why Pargo and Maxiell are no longer friends were glossed over, as Maxiell explained.

“My dad passed about a month ago, and so many people have supported me through the last couple of weeks of my dad passing, but Malaysia did nothing,” Maxiell said.

Parg claimed she “didn’t know” about Maxiell’s father passing, and it was revealed in episode 3 of this season that the reason for their friendship ending was much deeper than that.

Maxiell and Pargo used to be an inseparable duo, and their friendship was shown throughout the seasons. So what exactly happened that created a rift in the 10-year friendship and caused the two women to not speak to one another for three years? 

Pargo claimed that the real reason behind the two not being friends anymore is because Maxiell was upset with Pargo after Maxiell had been kicked off the show. 

“Basketball Wives” had a spinoff called “Basketball Wives L.A.,” on which Pargo and Maxiell were both cast members. Once the two shows combined and the original ladies came on the scene, the L.A. group felt as if it was them versus the Miami group. 

Maxiell and Pargo both got into it with former “Basketball Wives” cast member Tami Roman, however, everything shifted once Maxiell crossed the line with executive producer Shaunie by calling her a “b—-h.” 

Pargo said in the recent episode, “I feel like the real reason Brandi and I aren’t as close anymore is because she got kicked off the show and for some reason she blames me for it.” 

“I am not the reason why you wasn’t on the show,” Pargo said in the recent episode.

Maxiell was reportedly let go after the 2016 incident but came back to film season 6. In 2017, Maxiell made an announcement that she was leaving the show, but her longtime bestie stayed. 

In episode 3, Pargo said, “I did the best that I could, I filmed with her until the wheels fell off. She didn’t want to film with me,” referring to Maxiell. 

Another cast member, Duffey, responded to Pargo, asking, “Is this why y’all fell out?” and Malaysia answered, “Yes!”

While it’s looking uncertain about the two ladies being able to let go and forgive the past, everyone is now on the same page as to why the former besties are besties no more. 

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