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‘Showing These Girls How It’s Done’: Ciara Teases New Music While Twerking on Top of a Car and Fans Lose It 

Singer Ciara shared a clip of her latest music video in which she and several other ladies twerked to her new music, and her fans went crazy on Twitter. The “Level Up” singer and three dancers danced on a Bronco at a Shell gas station in the new music video while rocking daisy dukes. Ciara captioned the post, “It’s time to pull up and make that thang J.U.M.P.”

The video was posted on June 2 and had been viewed more than one million times by the day’s end. Fans loved the new video on Twitter and quickly co-signed Ciara’s twerking skills.

?Showing These Girls How It's Done': Ciara Teases New Music While Twerking on Top of a Car and Fans Lose It?
@ciara/ Instagram

“Showing these girls how it’s done. Taking it back and I’m here for it,” wrote one fan.

“Hot girl summer on bronchi,’ replied another fan. “Good googeley moogeley,’ added another. “YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NEW MUSICCCCCCCCC,” was one excited fan’s response.

“Ciara said SHOWTIME!!! Looks popping though Mama, welcome back, we missed you!” Another fan said she was ready for the new Ciara Era. “I’m ready for a new Ciara Era! Like lock the summer down niece!”

Other fans, including the singer’s husband, Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos, dropped several fire emojis.

Others were distracted by the price of gas that was displayed on a sign behind the singer. One fan wrote, “Sis, the song sounds like a BOP, but is that $6.69 a gallon I see?!”

“Gas is ridiculously priced in LA. I cry every time I have to go to the gas station,” replied another fan. “All I saw was gas prices. Ain’t no way,” noted one.

Another fan replied, “I know that gas don’t say 6.69,” prompting someone to reply, “It most certainly does! Welcome to LA! Cost me $102 to fill my tank up yesterday!”

Last month, the singer performed at the Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she also put her twerking skills on display. A clip from her performance made its rounds on social media as fans were praising her sexy moves.

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