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‘Russ Gon Give Her Another Baby’: Ciara Stuns Fans with Her Sizzling Performance for Her Song ‘Ride’

Ciara may have reclaimed her dancing throne this past weekend, following her recent performance. That’s at least according to her fans.

The singer was one of the many acts at the Lovers and Friends festival in Las Vegas. During the two-day event, Ciara, who took to the stage on May 14 and May 15, performed her biggest hits such as “Goodies” and “Ride.” 

Ciara stuns fans with her performance of “Ride” at the Lovers and Friends festival in Las Vegas. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

What caught fans’ attention and ultimately became a trending topic online during Ciara’s set as she performed “Ride” was the 36-year-old’s twerking abilities. She showcased those abilities while she was in the middle of completing the song’s chorus and the track transitioned to City Girls’ 2020 single “Rodeo.”

PAs Ciara’s performance clips began making their rounds on social media, many claimed that those dance moves would get her pregnant. Among those comments, a couple of people expressed that Ciara’s movements are also why she had her babies.

“Russ gon give her another baby.”

“Alright baby #4 will be on the way.”

“She better stop before she gets another baby inside her.”

“Yea that’s how them babies keep coming lol I love her u ate that up @ciara my fav since day 1.”

“Well I see how she produced them 3 kids.”

Among the previous remarks, others complimented Ciara’s twerking skills. One wrote, while referring to Ciara as the “Queen of Twerk,” “The Queen of Twerk still killing at damn near 40!!! Stop playing with Ciara!” Another said, “Ciara, you are & always be the GOAT of tweaking.”

Following her performance, Ciara took to Instagram to disclose how happy she was to have her family and friends there to support her. The list included her husband, Russell Wilson, their children and her best friend, Vanessa Bryant.

She wrote, “Nothing better than having your family and loved ones there to cheer you on.” Immediately after her post, Wilson commented, “We love you so much! We are so proud of you rocking it like always, baby! Daddy loves you! Our babies love you too!”

Bryant had this to say: “Love you, Shawty! Always here cheering you on sis!”

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