‘He Real Life Jason Pitts’: Chad Johnson Shares His Packing Tricks When Traveling on an Airplane 

Over the years, Chad Johnson has been known to find loopholes in his expenses to save money. 

The list includes living in the Cincinnati Bengals training facility for two years during his time in the football league to doing his fiancée Sharelle Rosado’s hair and makeup for a photo shoot. 

?He Real Life Jason Pitts?: Chad Johnson Shares His Packing Tricks When Traveling on an Airplane?
Chad Johnson shares tips on how to save money while traveling overseas. Photo:@ochocinco/Instagram

Johnson’s frugality doesn’t stop there. Recently, the 44-year-old offered packing advice to his followers after revealing plans for an upcoming trip to Paris. In the Instagram post shared on May 26, he said, “Yo, I got me a nice flight to Paris tonight. Just trying to teach y’all to be real efficient with traveling. Trying to let you know you really don’t have to do much.”

Johnson continued as he listed off the items he planned to take on his trip, “As for me, I have a white tee and a black tee; boom. That is equivalent to one outfit depending once I put a bottom on. I have a jersey, I have my Napoli jersey; that’s a third outfit. I got some socks. I got some Chucks.” 

He added, “You don’t want to take some good shoes to Paris to go watch no soccer because the Air Force Ones will get dirty. Boom. I got a plaid and I got a solid. You feel me; khaki go with anything. That’s four outfits right there. I got some black shorts and a black crewneck [shirt].That’s five outfits right.”

Toward the end of the clip, Johnson also showed the new packs of underwear he purchased and the amount he spent on clothes for the trip. 

While putting the receipt in the camera frame, he said, “Two packs of underwear depending on the color of my shirt. I like my underwear to match. Everything [is] $147. Listen to me, now. I’m going to teach you how to be efficient. I’m ready.”

In addition to the recording, Johnson reiterated his advice in the caption by writing, “Flying to Paris in a few hours, just passing along my cost-efficient tips on to travel without spending godly amounts of money to be fly even if you got it.”

As Johnson’s upload circulated online, many called Johnson cheap while praising the star for sharing his knowledge. One individual even compared Johnson’s money-saving habits to Coby Bell’s character Jason Pitts from “The Game.” 

“Perfect I love how you got it and know how to spend it the right way.”

One thing about Ocho, he gonna save some money! Ain’t nothing wrong with frugality.”

“He real life Jason Pitts.”

“And this is why Chad gonna always have money. And he still be fly.”

“He so damn cheap I love it.”

Among the previous remarks, others pointed out that Johnson’s tactic of shopping at reasonably priced clothing stores is one of the many reasons why he is still rich. One wrote, “This is how people with money stay with money.. everything don’t have to be labeled/designer.”

Another said, “Teach these people something @ochocinco. Don’t need designer to look good #SMARTGUY.”

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