‘This the Janet Jermaine Fumbled’: Janet Jackson’s Throwback Pic Goes Viral, Sends Fans Down Memory Lane as Many People Call Out Jermaine Dupri

Today is the 56th birthday of legendary dancer and singer Janet “Damita Jo” Jackson. The youngest member of the Jackson family has broken barriers in the music industry, from her 1982 self-titled debut album to 2015’s “Unbreakable.”

The multi-talented sister of pop legend Michael Jackson has continued to make an undeniable impact with a career spanning over the last four-decades.

Janet Jackson poses in stunning makeup look. (Photo: @janetjackson/Instagram.)

In light of her birthday, a Twitter page named @hourlydamita shared a photo of Jackson taken at her birthday party in 2002. Fans were shocked and stunned by Janet’s beauty and glowing skin at 36-years-old.

One person said, “B—h imagine being 32 in 2002,” while another replied, “Right, and I was born in ’02, I can’t even wrap my head around this.”

A third said, “Janet was aging like fine wine fr doe.”

And a fourth mentioned Janet’s iconic 2001 album, writing, “Oh yes. This was ‘All For You’ Janet. An excellent season.”

A handful took the opportunity to bring up Janet’s ex, producer Jermaine Dupri. The pair dated in the early 2000s before separating in 2008. Fans previously slammed the So So Def music mogul after he admitted to cheating on Jackson in an A&E and Lifetime documentary about her life.

“This the Janet Jermaine fumbled I feel bad for that guy,” said one individual.

Using a football reference another said, “JD fumbled at 1-yard line.”

Surprisingly, fans of Janet’s early days recalled the music industry’s heavy comparisons to pop vocalist, Madonna. Both mega pop stars are sex symbols in their own right, but the tension has always been brewing between the two. Janet has been extremely dismissive of the “Like A Virgin” artist and her work when asked in past interviews. Yet, Madonna has poked fun at Jackson’s traumatic “nip-slip” at the 2004 Super Bowl. 

One individual said, “I do like this picture but she gave Madonna a lot of sh-t for being racy.”

Another fan replied with an interview clip of the “Rhythm Nation” dancer responding to a question about going “head to head” with Madonna. Jackson said, “It’s dance music I’ll say that…which is very similar,” before chuckling. “I think what I do has class to it.”

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