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‘This Is Black Excellence’: Ludacris Shares Expensive ‘Little Graduation Gift’

Rapper Ludacris is excited over what he describes as a graduation gift after he received an honorary degree from Georgia State University recently. In an Instagram video, he shared his excitement and the ‘gift:’ a private jet.

“Bought Myself A Little Graduation Gift,” he wrote, followed by gift and prayer emojis and the hashtags, “#familyupgrade #motivation.” As he boarded his new aircraft, the artist sang “The Jeffersons” theme song. “We’re moving on up to the East sideeeee.”

?This Is Black Excellence?: Ludacris Shares Expensive 'Little Graduation Gift'
MAY 12, 2022 — Ludacris poses with his private jet on Instagram. (Photo: @ludacris/Instagram)

The recording artist received an honorary bachelor’s degree in Music Management on May 4 from Georgia State University. The rapper had attended the school before leaving for a record deal with Def Jam in 1998.

The recording artist began training for his pilot’s license in 2021, and shared a video of himself learning to fly on Instagram. Many assumed Ludacris already had his pilot’s license after he shared the video on Instagram. However, the rapper said he was actually having his first lesson during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“The internet just ran with the fact that I have an official pilot’s license when they saw this video,” he said. “I never said that, but who am I to correct the internet? The internet believes what they want to believe … So, it’s my first time actually flying … I do plan to get my pilot’s license soon. It’s a work in progress; it takes some time.”

According to TMZ, the jet is worth around $20 million. Several celebrities congratulated the “Get Back” singer, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who wrote, “This makes me very VERY happy.” Actor Larenz Tate also congratulated the musician on the jet and replied, “Family & Business Man!!!!”

Several other celebrities left fire emojis and actor Tyrese Gibson expressed “congratulations” to Ludacris.

“Yoooooooooooo you a certified BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire king fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” he wrote. “You KNOW it’s one of my dreams to have my own plane and this is now plane #2 for you……. Yeah it’s true my friends are superheroes…….. Congratulations!!!!!!!! D—n CB!!!! You killed on this!!!!!!”

Fans also left comments under the post and congratulated Ludacris on his new toy.

“I bought myself a chocolate,” joked one Instagram user. “Magnificent. Wishing you all the success brother,” replied another. “This is Black Excellence,” noted another fan. “Jus a lil gift…,” wrote one. “Moving on up,” noted another. “Well deserved bro,” replied another Instagram user. “People don’t understand how hard you work and what you sacrifice.”

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