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‘As a Woman That’s Hurtful’: Momma Dee Says She and Scrappy Aren’t Speaking to Each Other When Fans Blast Her for Supporting Shay Johnson, Bambi Responds

There appears to be some drama brewing in the palace of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Momma Dee after the reality star claimed she was no longer on speaking terms with her rapper son Lil Scrappy

Momma Dee made the revelation after a social media user blasted her for supporting her son’s former romantic partner Shay “Buckeey” Johnson, at what appeared to be her baby shower. “SOO disrespectful to Da Bam!!!” the Instagram user wrote underneath the 58-year-old’s congratulatory post captioned, “Congratulations!! From One Mother To Another… I Love Who Love Me Stay Tuned For The Next Episode.” 

The singer, who’s maintained a very close relationship with Shay, found no harm in attending the event, telling her critics she only held loyalty to those who have supported her, noting that Scrappy’s wife Adizia “Bambi” Benson, had not done so in the past. The pair’s feud has even played out on the show. “I’m down for who down for me,” she fired back.

“I’ve never heard Bam even give a f-ck about what I ate. Send me flowers for my birthday give me a greeting card,” she continued. “I supposed to leave Shea alone because she’s insecure she’s f-cking insecure and she’s dragging my son and my son and I are not even speaking because of her Insecurities. I’m done.” 

It wasn’t the first time Momma Dee had attended a ceremony thrown by Shay. In February the star shared a short video from the model’s gender reveal. Over the clip, Momma Dee wrote, “Oops, I’m a glam grand-god mother.”

Still, while many were crushed to hear that the mother and son are at odds, several people in the comment section felt the move to attend Shay’s party was hurtful to her daughter-in-law, including one online user who wrote, “I’m sure the BAM loves you but as a woman that’s hurtful for my mother in law to be doing this to me.”

They added, “No you don’t have to end your relationship with Shay but just having a lil bit more respect for Bam could go a long way!!”

Bam allegedly addressed Momma Dee’s comments via text message after they was featured on several blog outlets via. In a later post, the star shared a screenshot of what Bam wrote to her in which she told Momma Dee to “Please have that same energy you got on Instagram the next time you see in me person.”

The text continued, “I’m sick of you trying me and I’m always giving you a pass and making excuses for your behavior. Keep my name out of your mentions and your mouth. You must need some attention tonight..” before cutting off. 

In her caption, she wrote, “I never thought loving someone with good intentions would cause my life to be threatened behind a picture of me and @iamshayjohnson but its all good in the palace …in @shereewhitfield voice who gon check me boo.”

Bambi has yet to confirm whether the message was indeed sent from her. 

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