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‘Carbon Copies of the Queen’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Fans Claimed That She and Her Sisters Strongly Resemble Diana Ross After the Trio Wore Matching T-Shirts

Every year, the Ross sisters Tracee, Rhonda and Chundney have found ways to honor their mother, legendary singer and actress Diana Ross, any chance they get, whether it’s through the occasional heartfelt posts or a reenactment of her iconic photos.

On March 30, Tracee Ellis Ross revealed that while celebrating their mom’s special day, Rhonda created matching T-shirts inspired by the logo from the hit 2015 film “Straight Outta Compton.”

Tracee Ellis Ross’ fans claim that the actress (center), her sisters Rhonda Ross (left) and Chundney Ross (right) strongly resemble their mother, Diana Ross. The three were celebrating their mom’s 78th birthday. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Tracee, Rhonda and Chundney were seen wearing black Straight Outta Diana Ross T-shirts as they posed for the camera. The “black-ish” star expressed in the caption how she couldn’t figure out which was funnier: the T-shirt or the images.

She wrote, “Not sure what’s funnier: the t-shirts @therhondaross made for my mom’s birthday or the photos oh, how I love my family.” As fans viewed Tracee’s post, many mentioned how strong Diana’s genes were while looking at the three women. An individual even claimed that Tracee, Rhonda and Chundney’s eyes and smile made them strongly resemble the “I’m Coming Out” vocalist. 

“Literally can see your mother in all of you. In EVERY photo.”

“All you guys look like her that’s beautiful.”

“Carbon Copies of the Queen.”

(L-R): Rhonda Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross and Chundney Ross Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

“Y’all look JUST LIKE ya mama!”

“You all have the same eyes and mouth… your mom has strong genes…”

Among the comparison remarks, others brought up how much they loved the themed T-shirts. One wrote, “These tee shirts are as hilarious as they are brilliant.” Another said, “The best t-shirts ever made.”

A third Instagram user stated, “Them shirts are everything.”

This post comes days after Diana’s 78th birthday. On March 28, on Diana’s actual birthday, Tracee took to Instagram to write a special message for her “sweet mama.” She wrote alongside a throwback photo of Diana, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and SWEET MAMA.”

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