‘Thought You Were a Younger Halle Berry’: Tammy Rivera’s Throwback Hairstyle Has Fans at Odds In the Comments Section 

A famous quote by Coco Chanel goes, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” It appears that change may have crossed Tammy Rivera‘s mind on April 11, after the star shared a throwback image of her sporting a shorter hairdo.

This post comes weeks after Rivera confirmed that she and her husband of seven years, Juaquin “Waka Flocka” Malphurs, had gone their separate ways following split reports.

Tammy Rivera’s throwback photo of her short haircut has fans at odds in her comments section. Photo:@tammyrivera/Instagram

In the Instagram upload, Rivera, who wore a white blouse with black jeans and thigh-high boots, was seen showing off her pixie cut as she posed for the camera. Alongside the photo, the 35-year-old expressed how much she missed the shorter locks in the caption.

She wrote, “I kinda miss my short look..” As fans viewed Rivera’s post, many appeared torn by the reality star possibly revisiting the hairdo. Some encouraged Rivera to cut her hair, while a handful of people mentioned how they preferred her with longer tresses.

“No! You look beautiful with your long hair.”

“Noooo I don’t like short hair.”

“Oh hell nah Bae.I don’t like that hairstyle.”

“I love your short cut. I love to see a woman with short hair. Beautiful.”

“The perfect short style just in time for the summer!!.”

“Love the short look on you.”

In addition to the previous comments, others remained neutral on the topic while praising Rivera’s beauty. One wrote, “I like you with the long and short look very pretty.” Another said, “I like that… Every girl should have long & short hair in her lifetime… Something cool about both. You look beautiful.”

A third person stated as they compared Rivera to Halle Berry, “Thought you were a younger Halle Berry for real though both of y’all look splendid. Very amazing.”

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