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‘They Made Up Again For the Hundredth Time’: Kandi Burruss Sheds Light on The Rollercoaster Relationship Shared Between Mama Joyce and Todd Tucker  

Kandi Burruss says the relationship shared between her husband, Todd Tucker, and her mother, Mama Joyce, is still a work in progress. 

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” series have watched over the years as Tucker and Mama Joyce have butted heads while asserting their presence in the Xscape group member’s life. But with Burruss and Tucker having eight years of marriage under their belt, one would only hope that the hatchet had been buried between the sometimes feuding family members. 

(Left) Kandi Burruss and Mamma Joyce and (right) Todd Tucker (Photos): mamajoyce1_/Instagram, @todd167/Instagram

“It’s gotten much better in the last couple of weeks,” revealed Burruss in an interview with Insider. “They had gotten back to being a little weird with each other, but recently they made up again for the hundredth time. So hopefully, we’ll keep them on the right track.”

Burruss and Tucker met while she was filming season two of the hit reality show; at the time Tucker was a part of the production crew. By 2013, the duo was engaged and Mama Joyce had officially entered the ring, objecting to Tucker making a permanent entry into their family. At the crux of her argument was, and still is, the belief that Tucker was only interested in taking advantage of her daughter’s success and finances. 

But with each season’s passing and spinoff special, Mama Joyce and Tucker have proven their ability to bounce back after hitting a rough patch. After all, the two are tethered not only via their love for Burrus, or the children the singer and television producer share, but also in business.

From running their successful family-owned Old Lady Gang restaurant to their latest Bravo spinoff ”Kandi and the Gang,” the father of three and his mother-in-law are apparently destined to have their clashes. A trailer for the spinoff gave viewers a sneak peek into some of the drama destined to unfold in the first season.

“I had to do an intervention with my family,” Burruss revealed while discussing the never-ending drama taking place on the show. “If it wasn’t my family I wouldn’t care so much, but because they are my family I really want to do everything I can to make sure that everybody’s happy.”

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