‘Thought It Was Funny Mixing Me Up’: Master P Calls Out Google’s Picture Mishap with Luther Vandross, Blames AI

Many stars are not always aware when search engines get details about their personal lives wrong. But sometimes mistakes on the internet are so egregious their fans bring it to their attention.

So is the case when a programmer at Google posted a picture of Master P in the biography of R&B crooner Luther Vandross. Fans immediately took to Twitter to blast the  $1.37 trillion company.

Master P calls out Google over photo mishap with Luther Vandross. (Photos: @masterp/Instagram; @luthervandross/Instagram)

“Now, owing to my New Orleans roots, I am a Master P fan. I was makin ‘em say UGH at a young, possibly too young, age,” another fan tweeted. “But Luther Vandross?!?!? Luther is the original & all time GOAT. This here is a sin against nature, the ancestors, & the properties of physics that make sound.”

Days later, Master P called out the company in an interview with TMZ.

“I know everybody’s trippin,” he said. “Google thought it was funny mixing me up. Ditch the picture, Google. Stop letting A.I. run your company. I just wonder what would they put for Harvey Levin, like Bruce Willis or something?” he asked about Levin, the TMZ founder.

“They made a whole big frenzy and made this go viral but make this go viral ‘cause we gotta put money back into our community and our culture,” he added.

Questlove shares a screenshot of Google photo mishap with Master P and Luther Vandross. (Photos: @questlove/Instagram)

The hip-hop entrepreneur has a cereal company, nationally distributed by Post Cereals, with fellow rapper Snoop Dogg. After launching, he said, “A percentage of every cereal box sold goes to providing inner-city kids in the community with education, resources, and activities to help build their future.”

With that in mind, Master P believes there was a larger work at play.

“They tried to distract the people, but we disrupted the cereal game. Two guys come from hip-hop — me and Snoop,” the artist said.

Within days, two other Black men were mixed up on the engine.

“What the f##k @Google !? First, you put Master P up with Luther Vandross, now this s—t  with Orlando Jones and Orlando Brown?? Someone there trying to say we all look alike!? Hire me! I’ll get this fixed because this shit is a damn travesty and not a good look on your part!”

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