‘Miss Williams Getting Spicy’: Tina Knowles-Lawson and Michelle Williams Shock Fans After They Team Up for New Film 

Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams teams up with Tina Knowles-Lawson in a new Lifetime movie, “Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story.” The surprise trailer featuring the noted Christian singer getting sexy with a cast mate had fans shocked and flabbergasted.

The “Say Yes” singer dropped the trailer on her Instagram knowing full well the uproar she was about to spark. 

Michelle T Williams of Destiny’s Child and Tina Knowles (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

“Here is the trailer to my new movie WRATH! ,” She captioned the video before saying, “I was trying to wait until my momma and certain clergy went to bed before I posted but I temporarily blocked them for the next 24 hours! .”

The movie also stars her group mate’s mother, Knowles-Lawson, and rapper-turned-actor Romeo Miller.

“Wrath” is based on Victoria Christopher Murray’s series of books themed on the seven deadly sins and is produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Emmy Award-winning journalist and TV host Shaun Robinson, and executive vice president of T.D. Jakes Entertainment & CEO of DNA Media Group Derrick Williams. T.D. Jakes also was a part of the writing team to bring the story from the page to the screen.

In the trailer, Williams is in a relationship with a white man played by Antonio Cupo. After meeting Williams’ character’s ex, played by Romeo, while they are having dinner, the perfect boo transforms into a dangerously obsessive abuser. 

Viewers get to see the “Survivor” chart-topper learn and practice self-defense measures to protect herself from the “wrath” of this lover after being warned by both Knowles-Lawson (who seems to play a maternal figure) and Miller, who tells her “This man’s dangerous.”

But the most shocking part of the commercial is when the usually modest Williams is seen getting into the shower, making out, “naked” in bed, and appearing partially dressed straddling the man on a couch.

The comment section of the post celebrated Williams’ new role. Celebrities and social media influencers popped in to send her and Mama Tina their congratulations.

Bresha Webb said, “Come on fam!!! Mama Tina acktin!!! Let’s go.”

Her co-star Cupo said in the comments that he enjoyed “every minute of working with.” 

Christian author of “Red Lip Theology: For Church Girls Who’ve Considered Tithing to the Beauty Supply Store When Sunday Morning Isn’t Enough” Candace Benbow, noticing the spiciness of Williams’ storyline said, “We got guns and cohabitation! I LIVE!!!! ”

One fan said, “OKAYYYYYYYY our little Survivor go off then!!! Proud of you!!”

Another fan said, “’Miss Williams Getting Spicy”

A few were upset that she was in a fictional space where she had to defend herself, already yelling at the screen like so many people do in a good movie.

“Oh, hell no not this man putting his hand on you!!!!!!!!” one person wrote, as another said, “You could’ve called me sis! I know how to handle up! ”

“Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story” premieres on the Lifetime network on Saturday, April 16, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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