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‘It’s Racy, and There Are So Many Surprises’: Award-Winning Journalist Shaun Robinson Dishes on Her Latest Gig ’90 Day Bares All’

Fans of the popular TLC “90 Day” franchise where men and women from across the world meet up looking for love and have just three months to decide if they want to end things in marriage are in for an exclusive treat. Award-winning journalist Shaun Robinson will now be hosting a spin-off show for the series: “90 Day Bares All.” 

Audiences already may be acquainted with Robinson from her time on the original flagship television show, “90 Day Fiancé,” or the long-running entertainment and gossip focused series “Access Hollywood.” However, the actress will now be taking her talents over to Discovery+ to host TLC’s latest “90 Day” installation. 

Shaun Robinson. Photo courtesy of Shaun Robinson.

Described as an extension of the “90 Days Fiancé,” show “90 Day Bares All” will be unscripted, raw and uncensored. “When TLC and Discovery first came to me with the idea, I was like ‘What! Are we actually going to do that?’” Robinson told Atlanta Black Star. “And they said, ‘Yup. We’re going to do that.’ ”

Of the new show, Robinson said, “It has been fun and sexy. It’s racy, and there are so many surprises. And since we are on a streaming platform, we can show you things that we could not show you on regular TV and that’s the excitement of it.”

So, what exactly are viewers in store for? “We have never-before-seen footage that did not air on TV,” the host explained. “We have behind-the-scenes information about certain storylines that we weren’t able to share with you on TV.”

The producer also revealed that there would be some housekeeping taking place as far as show rumors go. “Clearing up a lot of rumors that are online because you know how those online rumors go. So, we can get to address those on the show.” Still, more than anything, Robinson guarantees viewers will have a fun time watching the show as fan favorites will get the opportunity to showcase some of their talents on the show. 

Robinson admitted that she was surprised by what she’s seen from some of the reality stars. She even took a trip down memory lane and discussed some of her favorite moments from the “90 Day” universe, including a jaw-dropping moment between “90 Day” stars Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali. Robinson reflected on the moment when now-divorced Mullins handed Jbali annulment documents right in front of her. “That was pretty shocking,” the host expressed. 

“Definitely Colt [Johnson] and Larissa [Santos Lima]. That was a storyline that had twists and turns, and everyone was shocked about what happened with that couple. Oh gosh, there’s been just so many. Darcy [Silva] is one of my favorite ladies. You have Angela and Michael and their journey to get Michael over here to the states. There’s been a lot of people that I follow, and they really stay with you; their stories stay with you, and you cheer for them,” she continued. “Sometimes when you want the best for somebody, it’s like ‘Oh, you should not be in that relationship.’ Other times, it’s ‘Oh! I hope that relationship works out.’ ”

Aside from keeping up with the love lives of couples from around the world, Robinson spends a significant portion of her time working when it comes to a particular cause. 

When the 58-year-old is not hosting, acting, or producing, she is helping the marginalized. In doing so, she created the S.H.A.U.N Foundation, which stands for “steam, health, arts, unity, and neighborhood.” The grant-making organization was built to improve the quality of life for underserved and underrepresented girls and young women. 

“If there is a small nonprofit doing work in one of those key five areas for girls, we would be a resource for them; we help them with their mission,” she explained. “Throughout the five years that I’ve had the foundation, we’ve helped thousands of girls ‘level the playing field’ is what I like to call it.”

She continued, “For example, in the STEM division, teaching these young girls, many of them girls of color, to learn about STEM build because we need more diverse faces in the areas of STEM.” She added that oftentimes, girls don’t see STEM as an area in which they can have success. “So, we open the doors for them to be able to look at different possibilities.”

Additionally, Robinson revealed that she and her team are currently working on a documentary that would bring awareness to the “Protect Black Women” movement and the “implicit bias towards Black girls.” She noted, “I was just talking to the director, and we were talking about how urgently the story needs to be told.” 

Robinson brought up the horrific story of a 9-year-old Black girl who was pepper-sprayed by police in Rochester, New York, after her mother dialed 911 saying that her daughter was allegedly suicidal and threatening to harm her. “We have to acknowledge the fact that we treat black girls differently,” Robinson expressed. “So, I hope to further that conversation with this project.” To learn more about Robinson’s foundation, visit  

The show “90 Day Bares All” is currently streaming on the Discovery+ app. You’ll find the show’s trailer below. 

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