‘I’m Just Gonna Keep Getting Finer and Finer’: Bow Wow’s Self-Love Post Backfires After Fans Focus On His Height 

Bow Wow has been a star for probably 80 percent of his life, and his looks have been something people have celebrated for even longer. While some fans agree with him, others would rather he let others tell him how good he looks, telling him so as they make fun of his other “shortcomings.”

When he debuted at 6 years old on Snoop Dogg’s classic “Doggystyle” album, flashing his green eyes and then-signature braids for the camera. By 13, he released his first album, “Beware of Dog,” with Jermaine Dupri and emerged as a BET darling and almost every junior high school girl’s crush.

In 2005, almost 20 years ago, he starred as one of the two featured headliners of the “Scream Tour IV: The HeartThrobs.” He, his co-headliner with Omarion and other teeny-bopper acts like Marques Houston, B5, Pretty Ricky, and Bobby Valentino, charmed little girls and their moms right out of their seats with their cookie-cutter crooning and rap skills. 

Nicknamed “Mr. 106 & Park,” the rapper has garnered a reputation as a playboy and ladies man, and while the money and fame are big parts of his mystique, women just think he is fine.

What they have not always liked is the arrogance that has come with his good looks.

This is evinced by the backlash the Ohio native and Atlanta representative received after posting his most recent Insta-story.

He said in a video, “Ladies, I keep telling you I’m the wrong one to give all this to.”

“I’m gonna just keep getting finer and finer,” he continued. “Every time I grow older in age, I just get finer, finer, and finer.”

The 13-second clip has been circulated throughout the internet and folk have responded — taking him down a notch.

Some made fun of his height, commenting he’s “Gon keep getting shorter and shorter.”

Limiteddess said, “But you ain’t getting taller 🤣,” and YourMom0709 said, “Shorter and shorter and shorter..😂😂😂😂😂😂😒.”

Others mentioned it was about his “delivery” and called him “corny & corny.”

2KMilly believes he is actually not getting better looking, saying, “It’s actually the other way around. Sadly.” SheMeHer_Queen responded, “Thought I was the only one😭 I swear he looked way better as a kid.”

A more predominant sentiment was a reaction to how much he is in love with himself, mocking him for looking at himself in the mirror.

One lady said, “I can only imagine how many times he watched it before posting.”

Bow Wow doesn’t seem to worry about what people think about his looks, since they continues to make money for him.

The 35-year-old has recently posted an ad on his Instagram of himself modeling. The “Shortie Like Mine: artist was hired to use all that fineness and sea-sickening waves to promote his new endeavor with KissColors, “Crushed Velvet Durag” and “Twist King Brush.” 

He captioned, “When you talk about mens hair accessories i got that on lock! Brought to you by @kisscolors and myself … im bringing luxury into the game!”

We see you, Bow!

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