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‘WWE Match Situation’: Ciara and Russell Wilson Reveal Details About Their Kids’ Dynamics That Every Parent Can Relate to

The Wilson Family all dressed up for the Bart Starr Award. (L-R: Sienna, Win, Ciara, Russell Wilson and Future) Photo: Instagram/@ciara

Singer Ciara and NFL player Russell Wilson have been married since 2016, and are the parents of three fiercely independent children: Future, Sienna and Win. The couple talked about how much fun their kids are and how they inspire their parents every day to share in their happiness.

Sharing with People magazine about the usual vibe in their house, the couple said it has “been amazing to see all the kids interact with each other.” However, it can sometimes feel like a “WWE match situation” when it comes to the three kids when they are together.

“They love each other so much, and then they also have what I call a love-fight relationship. They love to fight, but then they love each other so much at the same time, and Russ gets in the mix sometimes,” Ciara said. Wilson added that he is the “daddy monster most of the time.” Ciara continued in all seriousness, ”Honestly, it’s been a blessing. You know, we got triple the love now.”

Each of the three children at the Wilson household has what’s described as a role in the family. “These kids are funny. Our kids are really hilarious, and obviously the older they get, the more they think they know,” Ciara said. 

Apparently, Win, who turns two in July, is “leading the charge” when it comes to his siblings. The “My Goodies” singer gushed about his role in the sibling lineup. “They say the third baby kind of moves or learns the quickest because they’re trying to keep up with their siblings, and he’s on it,” she said. ”He’s talking really early, he’s moving, he’s a big baby and he’s really tall.”

Four-year-old Sienna Princess plays the “mini mommy” role to her baby brother, and is “so sweet” with him. “She thinks that he’s her baby sometimes, especially when he was smaller, so that’s really cute,” Ciara said. 

Sienna Princess Wilson (Photo: Instagram/@ciara)

Then there’s 7-year-old Future Zahir, who Ciara shares with her ex Future. It’s clear that he takes the big brother role very seriously, and yet he’s very gentle and loving with both of this younger siblings.

“He’s so loving and he has a big heart, but you really see it come out, especially in his interactions with Win. You can tell [Win]’s already kind of looking up to him,” Ciara said. Future also tends to act as the mediator. “Future is just like the kid with the wisdom who’s probably the calmest but also is like, ‘Hey, I’m the biggest one, so keep that in perspective,’ ” Ciara said of her eldest.  

Ciara and Russell Wilson posing with their new book “Why Not You?”
Photo: Instagram/@ciara

Today, the excited parents are celebrating the publication of their new picture book “Why Not You?” that’s aimed to inspire children to see the value in themselves. The couple’s Why Not You Foundation, founded in 2014, shares a similar goal. It “equip[s] today’s youth with the skills and opportunities to become tomorrow’s leaders,” the description on its website reads.

“When Ciara and I first met, one of the first things we talked about is if we could do one thing, what would it be? We talked about opening up a school. Well, we did that with the Why Not You Academy, and then we also talked about having a book, and so our goals and dreams are being accomplished as we speak,” Wilson said about his and his wife’s goals and dreams for children. 

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