‘Now Future Know He Too Big for That’: Ciara’s Circus Video Has Fans Hollering After Her Son Future Does This 

Ciara gave fans a glimpse of what her life may be like raising two boys on March 18 after uploading a video of her sons Future Zahir Wilburn, 7, and 1-year-old Win Harrison Wilson using her as a human playground.

The incident appeared to have occurred after the singer and her husband Russell Wilson confirmed that the football player was joining the Denver Broncos team following trade reports.

Ciara’s circus video with her two sons Future Wilburn and Win Wilson let fans in shambles after the pair repeatedly kept going in between the singer’s legs. @ciara/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Ciara, who is standing barefoot on the football field in her orange suit, was seen asking her youngest son Win what he was doing as he began going in between her legs. The clip continues with Future joining in the fun by saying “my turn” and crawling in the opposite direction. 

As an instrumental circus track begins to play in the background, the two boys take turns going in between their mother’s legs. During the video, the “Level Up” songstress is heard repeating the phrases “What is going on?” and “It’s a wrap.” 

The clip ends with Future going around one last time and Ciara moving from her previous location as she states, “It’s a wrap.” The 36-year-old captioned the upload alongside the video, “When life is a circus.” 

As fans viewed the recording, many pointed out how Ciara’s son Future was too big to participate in that game. Several individuals expressed that Ciara was used as the children’s form of entertainment. 

“Now Future know he too big for all that.”

“Not Future saying my turn. He was way too big for that.”

“Future stop you too big.”

“It’s you being a human Jungle Gym for me @ciara you’re the best mommy ever.”

“Kids don’t care who you are they’ll treat you like a playground.”

Among the previous comments, others brought up the legend of children going between a woman’s legs. Those social media users claimed it could indicate a possible pregnancy. One wrote, “They say when a baby plays in between your legs, you’re about to be pregnant.”

Another said, “They jinxing the f–k outta her more babies to come I guess.”A third person stated, “Now CiCi black legend says that when a baby goes under/through your legs, you’re going to have another lil Russell.”

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