Ciara’s Fan Encounter Video Sparks More Pregnancy Rumors Weeks Following Russell Wilson’s Plea for More Children

It appeared that Ciara‘s husband Russell Wilson‘s prayers might have been answered sooner than later after pregnancy rumors circulated online following the singer’s encounter with a fan on March 19.

Russell publicly begged his wife of almost six years for more children while she guest-hosted “The Ellen Show” earlier this month. The couple share two children, and Ciara has an older son from a previous relationship.

Ciara’s encounter with TikTok user @lolaloveu5 sparks pregnancy rumors after fan’s comment suggest she was pregnant.

In the TikTok post uploaded by @lolaloveu5, Ciara, who was stopped at what appears to be a mall, tried to convince the stunned fan to join in on the video while saying, “You got to be on the video.”

The social media user then compliments the “Level Up” vocalist on her beauty. She said, “But you’re so beautiful. You just be shining.” The clip wraps up with Ciara and the TikTok creator becoming more acquainted. The 36-year-old asked @lolaloveu5 for her name, to which she replied, “Lola.”

Lola closes the recording by telling Ciara how much she loved the star. Following her upload, another TikTok user, @almondmilkfairy, asked Lola if this video was current because it looked like Ciara was pregnant. That person said, “Wait, when was this taken? I didn’t know she’s currently pregnant?” Lola responded by writing, “A day ago! I just found out too.”

Ciara’s fan and TikTok user @lolaloveu5 clears up pregnancy claims following massive backlash. Photo:@lolaloveu5/Instagram

When Lola’s post and comment were featured on the social media blog site The Neighborhood Talk, the TikTok user faced massive backlash for advancing a speculation that has yet to be confirmed by Ciara. 

On March 20, Lola clarified her previous statements in the comment section of her orginal post following the scrutiny. She wrote, “In my defense, I didn’t even see she was pregnant. When I said I just found out it cuz y’all pointed it out to me. I had no bad intentions.” 

Since then, neither Ciara nor Russell have commented on the situation. 

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