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Toni Braxton Shares Video of Kevin Hart Sending Uplifting Message to Traci Braxton During Her Battle with Cancer 

Toni Braxton took to Instagram on March 15, to share with her millions of followers the kind gesture from Kevin Hart to her sister Traci Braxton, while she was battling esophageal cancer.

This post comes three days after the Braxton family released a joint statement confirming that Traci passed away at 50. Traci, who starred in the family’s reality series “Braxton Family Values,” reportedly was diagnosed with and receiving treatment for the disease for about a year.

Toni Braxton revealed that Kevin Hart sent a personal video to her sister Traci Braxton as she was battling cancer. Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

In the upload, Hart, who is in an undisclosed location, sent a motivational message to Traci after he was made aware of how big of a fan she was of his work.

He said, “Hey this message is for Traci. I was just made aware that you are a fan and how long you have been a fan. I am now aware of the love that you have given me and I just want to take the time to give you that love back and tell you that you are loved in return for the love that you have given.”

The comedian continued by sending prayers to Traci and encouraging her to stay “positive and strong” during her battle with cancer.

“I want to tell you that my prayers are with you. I want to tell you to be strong. I want to tell you to stay positive. I want to tell you that you have an amazing family and support system around you that are doing their best to try to keep you positive and uplift you in any way possible. I hope this video does that in some type of way.”

Hart closed the recording by thanking the “Last Call” singer for the love and support over the years. “My prayers are with you, and more importantly, my heart is smiling because of you. Thank you so much.” Toni disclosed in the caption that many people didn’t know about Traci’s illness because she wanted to keep that information private.

She wrote, while expressing gratitude to Hart for his touching remarks, “A lot of people didn’t know about Traci’s (@therealtracibraxton) illness b/c she preferred to keep it private, however special thanks to @kevinhart4real for taking the time to send her love and well wishes… you were her favorite. We really appreciate you.”

Kevin Hart sends his condolences to Toni Braxton and her family after Traci Braxton passed away. Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

Hart responded by sending his condolences to Toni and her family. He said, “Sending so many prayers to you & ur family. I’m extremely sorry for ur lost. God bless all of u.”

As Toni’s post began circulating online, a handful of people applauded Hart for his video while others continued to express condolences to the Braxton family.

“This was very nice of him!”

“This is why I love Kevin. He’s always has tried to be an positive impact on people.”

“That’s so sweet of you, Kevin Hart!”

“This is why I’m a fan of @kevinhart4real…he seems to be a genuinely good person, this was so nice.”

“Kevin does have a good heart.”

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