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‘It Will Always Be an Empty Space in My Heart’: Evelyn Braxton Opens Up About Her Daughter Traci Braxton’s Passing 

Evelyn Braxton honored her late daughter Traci Braxton‘s life on March 14, with a touching tribute.

This post comes days after the reality star succumbed to her battle with esophageal cancer at 50. Traci reportedly was diagnosed and receiving treatment for the disease a year before her passing on March 12.

Evelyn Braxton mourns the loss of her daughter Traci Braxton in a lengthy post. Photo:@evelynbraxton/Instagram

The “Braxton Family Values” matriarch started the upload by giving fans insight into their close relationship as she shared a photo collage of Traci. Evelyn wrote, “My dear sweet, wonderful, incredible daughter, we slept in the same bed before she became so terminally ill all night talking while sharing so many secrets.”

The 74-year-old added, “She said with so much strength of faith, ‘mommy I’m going to beat this! My healing is right around the bend’ I replied with so much hope ‘absolutely oh yes, you will be heal Baby girl without a doubt!'”

Evelyn disclosed that Traci wanted to be an inspiration for other people and “help them through this heinous disease.” She also revealed that the “Last Call” vocalist never complained despite Traci’s hardships during her battle with cancer. Toward the end of the post, Evelyn recounted the times Traci held on to her faith, although she had dropped a significant amount of weight.

She said, “I watch the weight drop off. I watched tears streaming down her face as she held onto her faith and her beliefs. She fought a good fight and held on until she could not hold on anymore. Only to realize that sometimes healing is not on this side of God‘s kingdom but it lies on the other side in the bosom of God.”

Evelyn closed her statement by thanking God for granting her 50 years with a “beautiful treasure.” “Thank you Lord, for 50 years you have given me and my family and the world with Traci and allowing me to be her Mommy. It will always be an empty place in my heart that will never be fulfilled.”

She added, “Although she came through me but she comes from God. yes we will miss her because we love her. Lord, Thank you, you loan to us such a beautiful treasure in vessel that will never be forgotten.. NO I won’t complain! Look at God Forever in my heart!”

Towanda Braxton shares stories of all of the sisters’ relationships with Traci Braxton, days following her death. Photo:@itowandabraxton/Instagram

Evelyn’s upload came hours after her daughter Towanda Braxton opened up about the relationship dynamic all the sisters shared in spite of what was shown on-screen in the family’s television reality series “Braxton Family Values.”

Towanda said, “Our morning ritual, laughing, saying good morning or even watching the same movie on the phone in silence. No one will ever know just how we were as sisters. Behind the screen, living and loving our truth. All of us….being on the phone together for hours at a time.”

The 48-year-old went on to describe Traci as an “amazing daughter, dope a– sister, an incredible mom and an awesome grandma (Bubbie). A SUPERSTAR!!!” Towanda wrapped her statement by mentioning Traci sent her a sign in the form of a hummingbird as she recalled the pair’s morning ritual.

She wrote, “A hummingbird was at my front door this morning and all I could do was smile- knowing it was you, saying ‘Good morning Umba’. My heart is broken but….Now….God has you in HIS bosom. I love you my forever Traci.”

No additional information regarding Traci’s funeral arrangements has been released.

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