‘That’s All We Get’: Cardi B Shares a Glimpse of Her 6-Month-Old Son After Fans Beg to See Him, Fans Still Aren’t Happy

Fans of Cardi B are begging for the rapper to share photos of her infant son, whom she welcomed with her husband Offset. The mom and dad have kept their baby boy out of the spotlight since his birth in September 2021. Meanwhile, their 3-year-old daughter, Kulture Cephus, has an Instagram page.

After relentless efforts from fans, the Grammy Award-winning rapper shared a zoomed-in photo of one of the 6-month-old’s eyes on Wednesday, March 9. In response to hecklers who asked for a full-face shot, Cardi tweeted, “That’s all y’all will get.”

Cardi B and Offset married in 2017, and share two children, a 6-month old boy and a 3-year-old daughter named Kulture. (Photo: @iamcardi/Instagram)

Some fans, however, were not pleased by the photo.

“fingers, feet and eyes… that’s all we get.”

“Question? Why do you not want to show his beautiful self? I don’t understand why famous people hide their kids?”

“Now how about the first letter of his name or is that too much to ask?”


Cardi B and Offset have yet to reveal the name of their 6-month old son. After fans criticized her decision not to share his entire face, the “Up” rapper contemplated deleting her social media accounts.

She tweeted, “How people mad cause people was asking me to see my son and I replied? It seems like I can’t do or say nothing these days without people getting irritated. Maybe I should delete my social medias or just die cause Wtff.”

In another tweet, she continued, “If I post is cause I want attention, If I speak my mind is cause I want attention, if I post a pic, I want attention, I’d I talk about my kids which I’m wit everyday is cause I want attention…Like wtfff.”

Fans began sharing supportive messages and telling Cardi B not to argue with online “haters.” In response, the 29-year-old tweeted, “You right babes…Imma let people have their fun…Cause my next single is super pressure.”

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