‘Just Make Him Zeke[‘s] Brother’: 50 Cent Responds to YK Osiris Desire to be on ‘Power’

YK Osiris is tapping into the power of manifestation in hopes to land a role on Starz’s hit series “Power.” It looks like the show’s co-creator Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson got a hold of a video of the “Worth It” rapper pleading his case.

“I think it’s time to put ya boy in ‘Power’ man,” said Osiris in a video with 50’s name written over it. “I think it’s time, dawg. Put ya’ boy on ‘Power’ dawg. I’m telling you. That s–t on be crazy.”

He added, ‘I’m getting ‘Power’ this year; watch this.”

Artist YK Osiris (L) and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (R) (Photo: @ykOsiris/Twitter, @50cent/Instagram)

After viewing the video, 50 shared the view on Instagram with the caption, writing, “The youngn say he ready. I think if he work on acting, he can do something. What y’all think?”

Fans below in the comments began sharing their opinions and picking prospective roles for YK Osiris on any episode of the “Power” universe series. Many believe he could easily land a role on “Power II: Ghost” with Michael Rainey Jr.’s character Tariq or “Power IV: Force” opposite Joseph Sikora’s character Tommy.

One individual suggested Osiris could play “Tariq lil snitching cousin lol.” Another said, “Just make him Zeke[‘s] brother lol he won’t need no training lol.”

A third joked, “He can play a n—a that owes somebody money with ease.” Someone else said, “He could even play himself. He’s going to end up owing Tommy money for a bet, and the rest is history, lmao.”


Speaking to “Power” executive producer, 50 Cent, one person said, “Put him on OG! You have the power to change the game and help the youth, do it!”

Viewers find that it could be an excellent opportunity for YK Osiris to star in a hit television show for his first acting gig. But fans hope he doesn’t play a hitman who dies in the same episode in which he was introduced.

Someone wrote, “If he gets on ‘Power,’ he gotta get killed quick like they did Cedric the Entertainer in season six.”

YK Osiris kept it quiet on releasing new music in the past year. Instead, he dropped $325,000 on a pair of diamond earrings he later lost. At the time, Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson challenged his decision to spend so much money on material items.

“If Ocho Coco wanna go to Claire’s and spend $10 on earrings man I congratulate you,” said the 23-year-old. “You should do that, that’s your money. But you don’t go in no other man’s business and tell no other man how to spend no money.”

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