‘We Were Not Made Aware That the Information Existed’: Chris Brown’s Rape Accuser Loses Representation After Artist Shares Text Messages

It looks like Chris Brown might have cleared his name some in the case involving a woman who alleges he drugged and raped her in 2020. According to Rolling Stone, the woman, who also sued the Grammy Award-winning singer for $20 million, has officially lost her representation.

On Wednesday, March 9, the outlet reported that Miami Beach Police discovered text messages from the woman’s phone that questioned her allegations. The accuser’s lawyers also have obtained the messages and shared this statement with Rolling Stone.

Chris Brown exposed texts with a woman who accused the singer of drugging and raping her in 2020. (Photo: @chrisbrownofficial/Instagram.)

“We are very grateful that the Miami Beach Police Department brought this to our attention. They did a great job,” says veteran lawyer George Vrabeck.

Vrabeck and co-counsel Ariel Mitchell represented the woman in the sexual assault, false imprisonment and gender violence lawsuit that was filed against Brown on Jan. 28.

“We were not made aware that the information existed (prior to filing). It precludes us from going forward for a number of reasons,” he said. “It’s not a comment on whether an assault happened or not, but it precludes us from going forward.”

In the Jane Doe case, the unidentified woman claims the “Iffy” singer raped her in a bedroom after giving her a drug-laced drink. The incident allegedly took place on a yacht docked at Diddy’s Florida home in December 2020. It wasn’t until last month that the accuser filed a lawsuit asking for $20 million.

An exclusive report by Radar revealed the alleged texts between the woman and Brown in 2021. In the screenshots dated for Dec. 31, the two discuss getting a Plan B contraceptive, to which the woman responds, “Oh s–t ok. I’ll get one.” There are also other texts where the woman noted her desire to be intimate with him for New Year’s Eve and asked, “u got E?” — an abbreviation for the drug ecstasy.

In screenshots dated Jan. 15, 2021, the woman expressed she wanted to come over because she was “bored.” Within an hour, she sent another text that began, “Make some time for me tonight…” Brown responded to neither.

Authorities were also given texts that revealed the woman attempted to meet up with Brown several times after their encounter and after moving to Los Angeles.

“Missing u,” she said in a message nearly nine months after the Miami incident. “U were honestly the best d— I’ve had lol I just want it again. Why are you playing with meee lol.”

The Shade Room also obtained one of the screenshots the “Go Crazy” artist shared on his Instagram story, featuring a voice message he allegedly received from the woman.

In the recording, the woman says, “What are you doing in Mexico. You’re like reading my messages and you haven’t blocked me yet so I’m guessing you don’t hate me. I just want to see you again. I mean, you just answered the phone and you hung up. Just let me know if you want me to leave you alone. I definitely will but I really just want to f–k again.”

When Brown didn’t respond again on Thursday, Aug. 26, the woman said, “U Knew full well I wasn’t pressed bout no d—. U told me to stay and then gonna try to play me? Nah that’s crazy. I didn’t deserve that but you def got it.”

Brown says his legal team is pursuing legal action while calling out the media’s attempt to allegedly smear his name when reports of the lawsuits initially surfaced.

“No more dragging me through the mud. CLEARLY YOU CAN SEE THE CAP. Now let’s see if the media will keep that same energy they had trying to destroy me, to Run the real story. Me and my team are taking legal action on this situation. You don’t play with people live like that.”

The woman is seeking $20 million to cover her legal fees and punitive damages. The case is still actively being investigated.

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