‘But His Character Blew Up’: Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan to Star In ‘I am Legend’ Sequel, Leaving Fans Baffled

The sequel to the post-apocalyptic action thriller “I Am Legend” is in the works and will find Golden Globe winner Will Smith share screentime with “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan. However, the partnership appears to have fans scratching their heads and wondering “how?” 

According to multiple reports, the two award-winning actors will not only star but produce the follow-up feature. It will be written by Akiva Goldsman, who adapted the 2007 film from the 1954 novel by Richard Matheson. Jordan will produce alongside Elizabeth Raposo under Outlier Society, while Smith, Jon Mone, and Ryan Shimazaki will serve as producers for Westbrook Studios, per the outlet. 

Fans are baffled at the apparent revelation Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will team up for an “I am Legend” sequel. Will Smith / Instagram 

Smith seemingly confirmed the collaboration after sharing a photo of a deserted street, similar to one of the original movie. He also tagged the “Creed” star in the captionless post.

“Wait…WHAT?????” wrote longtime friend and record producer DJ Jazzy Jeff. Jordan’s girlfriend Lori Harvey was also spotted in the comment section where she wrote, “And I ooooppp…” with several eye emojis. 

However, not everyone was as excited. Many social media users appeared puzzled, with some wondering how by referencing the original film’s ending. In 2008 Warner Bros released a two-disc special edition DVD that featured an alternative ending that leans closer to the book. In the original, Smith, who plays U.S. Army virologist Rober Neville, is set to create a cure for a virus that wiped out most of humanity. He ultimately dies in the end, while the alternative sees a lighter ending.

“Which ending are they going with to lead into this? The original or the alternate?” questioned actor Khloe Thomas, before another replied, “Gotta be the alternate.” A third person commented, “Who tf asked for a sequel of this classic? Stop overdoing this storyline.” 

One Twitter user remarked, “Maybe, I am being silly, but his character blew up or so the film hinted at the character’s demise. The night walker (runner) leader did not want to hear anything about a miracle cure for his mate or him. Will’s character knew this and gave up. So? How he gonna be in the movie?”

“Damn Let Robert Rest In Peace bruh,” quipped another online user.  

As Deadline describes, the initial film saw much success, bringing in more than $585 million worldwide.

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