‘Too Stinking Cute’: Fans Rave Over Kaavia James’ Latest Hair Video as She Showcases This Braided Look 

Gabrielle Union‘s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade became the center of attention on Feb. 28, after the actress uploaded a hair video featuring the toddler.

In the sequence video, a particular order of connected events, each scene is divided by Kaavia’s hand gestures.

Gabrielle Union’s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade left fans in awe after showcasing a new hairdo in a sequence hair video. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Kaavia started the recording by showing her before look, including her messy curls and pajamas as Saweetie’s “Get It Girl” played in the background. The clip continued with the toddler placing her hand in front of the camera to begin the video transitions.

The recording then showcased the 3-year-old relaxing and getting her tresses washed. As the upload transitioned to another clip, Kaavia could be seen shaking her head while sporting a blow-dried look.

The toddler’s final unveiling included a whole new wardrobe and hairdo. Kaavia was seen rocking cornrows accessorized with clear and gold beads while wearing a white-and-black jacket, designed pants and furry boots.

The video closed with Kaavia tossing the jacket to the side and showing off her new look by striking a pose for the camera. Union captioned the post, “@kaaviajames not playin witchuuuuu!!.” As fans began to view the star’s upload, many expressed how cute Kaavia was during the entire transformation.

Kaavia James Union Wade Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

“She’s so stinkin cuteee.”

“Just BEYOND CUUUUUTENESS… she’s just born with it!”

“It don’t make no sense how cute she is!!!!”

“Too stinking cute! I love it!”

Among the cute remarks, others mentioned Kaavia’s personality while discussing the moment the toddler tossed her jacket just to flaunt her new hairdo. One wrote, “When she lost the coat tho with that hair toss, for me!! She is so fun!!!!”

Another said, “I really can’t take this baby! Such a vibe!!!! The ways she throws her jacket.” A third social media user stated, “It’s the jacket fling & then twirl for me!”

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