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‘Just Another Day of Being Rich’: Fans React After Rick Ross Purchases a Bull

Rick Ross caused a commotion on social media after the rapper revealed he had purchased a bull. 

The price of an Angus bull can range from $5,000 to $8,000. Ross’ latest purchase joins the collection of horses he owns in his Promised Land residence in Atlanta, Georgia. Ross bought the property in 2014, from Evander Holyfield for $5.8 million. 

Rick Ross made headlines on Feb. 17, after he revealed he purchased a bull. Photo:@richforever/Instagram

In the Feb. 17 post, Ross said as the bull approached him while in a cattle transport truck, “Come on. Come on to daddy. This daddy, come to daddy. Hey.” Ross also gave his fans a closer look at his latest addition by sharing a zoomed-in clip of the 10-month-old cattle.

As the video continued, the rapper excitedly expressed how well the bull would be treated as he talked about trying to come up with a name for it. “We got to come up with a name for you. He’s only ten months—this my first cow right here. Look at him, big boy too… I’m going to feed you good. You going to eat good. You going to eat like the biggest boss.”

The 46-year-old revealed the significant meaning behind owning a bull in addition to his horses. He said as the animal ran from the truck to Ross’ gated property, “I’m happier than a motherf–ker. This is a dream come true for Rozay. You know what this for a young boy from Carol City [Florida] to have horses and now a big boy at it.”

Ross wrapped up the recording by briefly describing the future plans for his bull. He said, while revealing the bull’s name, “I want y’all to know my bull is just a puppy. That’s why I’m referring to him as a cow. He less than a year old. He’s only 10 months, but as y’all can see he’s going to be a giant, big boy. Boss Angus.”

As Ross’ recording began circulating online, many people mentioned that the “Aston Martin Music” lyricist’s latest purchase showcased how wealthy he really is.

“This the type of rich i wanna be.. buying random s–t just cause.”

“Another level of money…”

“Just another day of being rich.”

“This guy lol being rich must be fun.”

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