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‘Face Card Always Valid’: Gabrielle Union Left Fans Mesmerized By Her Beauty 

Gabrielle Union‘s beauty captivated her fans’ attention on Feb. 17, after the actress shared a two-for-one fashion post.

In the Instagram upload, Union, dressed head to toe in Prada, was seen wearing a black blazer accompanied by matching pants and a white bralette. For hair and makeup, the “L.A.’s Finest” star sported a neutral full face with a smoky eye and a top knot bun.

Gabrielle Union’s fashion post left fans in awe. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

In addition to the fashion, Union also showcased what fans deemed her physically appealing features, including a close-up image of her face and a full photo of her toned physique. The actress tied everything together by writing in her caption, “Face Card Accepted At All Participating Locations.” 

As fans began to view the upload, many raved over how beautiful the star looked.

“It’s the face beat for me.”

“Your face card is ALWAYS valid.”

“You just don’t play fair Goddess!”

Gabrielle Union Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

“Face card never misses.”

“You’re too gorgeous.”

Among the compliments, others brought up how young Union appeared. One wrote, “49, but looks 29!!” Another said,” Beautiful and ageless. How do you do it? By all means, keep up the great work.”

In 2017, Union disclosed the numerous beauty secrets that have helped her maintain her ageless appearance. She told Women’s Health magazine that aside from drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep, her ability to say no to things that don’t concern her has helped her not get wrinkles.

She said, “My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no, and hell, no. We run ourselves ragged saying yes to every freaking thing, whether it’s to our family, spouses, or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don’t let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don’t have any wrinkles.”

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