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‘Drop the Surgeon’s Number Sis!’: La La Anthony Accused of Getting a BBL By Fans Who Viewed New Social Media Video  

La La Anthonys attempt in a video to inspire her followers brought on some reactions that included accusations the reality TV star has gotten a Brazilian butt lift.

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure where unwanted fat from a particular area on an individual’s body is injected directly into the buttocks. The costs of the operation in America can range from $2,000 to $12,000.

La La Anthony’s latest video has fans questioning if the star went under the knife. Photo:@lala/Instagram

In the Tuesday, Feb. 8, Instagram video, Anthony is seen strutting her stuff on what appears to be a balcony — wearing a brown bikini top with a fringe coverup. In addition to the clip, the 39-year-old added an affirmation track that talked about the importance of knowing one’s worth.

The track said, “You better stop letting these mother f–kers sleep on you like you ain’t god damn fine. Look at your fine a– looking fine as f–k today. You’re going to look fine as f–k tomorrow. Stop playing with these mother f–kers.”

Alongside the recording’s message, Anthony informed her followers in her caption why she uploaded the post. She wrote, “Sometimes we all need a reminder.”

As fans viewed the video, many bypassed the model’s sentiments and accused her of going under the knife after zooming in on her body. A couple of people even asked Anthony to drop her alleged surgeon’s number.

“Drop the surgeon’s number sis!”

“Not the bbl please lawd!”

“A reminder what a $35,000 body like like compared to a $3,000 body!?”

La La Anthony’s outfit worn in a recent video that prompted surgery accusations was also shared in a January post.

“She has BOUGHT her body just like the rest of them.”

“Damn. Remind us who the surgeon was sis…it’s been long enough.”

Although Anthony has not publicly admitted to having anything done, she did, however, mention in a 2017 interview with Hollywood Life how she maintains her toned physique . Besides crediting her high-intensity workouts, including boxing, the mother of one shared the importance of having a healthy diet.

Anthony said, “With looking right, it’s mostly about your eating,” she told Hollywood Life. “And, I feel like a lot of us struggle with that. I’m trying to stay consistent in making better choices when it comes to food. I can’t say I’m always great at it, but I try to keep that in mind. You can’t work your a-s off in the gym and then just throw it all away by eating horrible.”

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