‘Hard’: Proud Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Wows Fans After She Models Jaden and Willow’s Clothing Line

Jada Pinkett Smith recently was seen dressed very stylishly modeling clothes from her children Willow and Jaden Smith’s line of clothing. MSFTrep has been evolving over the last couple of years. Pinkett Smith was proud to show it off and post a photo of herself wearing a few pieces along with a bag representing the company. 

Jaden Smith recently spoke to HighSnobiety about the line and how it is growing into a community and how it wants to initiate and perpetuate environmentally safe practices and influence other, bigger brands.

Jada Pinkett Smith models MSFTrep, her children Jaden and Willow’s line of clothing. @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

“We’re taking it to another level,” he told HighSnobiety, “We’ve always had these ideas of things that we wanted to do that we couldn’t really do, but now we’re actually able to get those things done, and perform on the level that we want to. I want to be affiliated with companies that are on the cutting edge of things like that,” he says, highlighting Selfridges’ recycling program and Project Earth.”

It’s clear that the brand is bold and the main website is artistic and engulfs its guests into the creators’ own world. The line of clothing is mainly athleisure with blacks, grays, and whites and then they add pops of bright colors like yellow, turquoise, and magenta. “The main inspiration behind the collection we say is an organized rebellion within the youth, right? This collection is for people who are truly awake. People who want to change the world,” Jaden said. 

Jaden was influenced by his father, Will Smith, in going down this road and persevering when things got tough. He told HighSnobiety a story about Smith building a brick wall that had fallen down in his neighborhood and how he kept perfecting it and continuing to build it back up, brick-by-brick. Smith eventually did succeed in fixing the wall with his brother.

“If you can lay one perfect brick today, that’s fine. Don’t think about going to the moon, colonizing, Mars, just one perfect brick today. And then one day you will get to where you’re trying to get, and the brick wall will be built,” Jaden explained of his vision and his motivation to succeed. 

MSFTrep is a very promising clothing line and worth a look. Pinkett Smith would agree!

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