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‘Now U Don’t Have an Excuse’: Kevin Hart Pranks Nick Cannon Following Eighth Baby Announcement 

The prank wars between Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart may have slowed down, but they haven’t completely stopped. After Cannon announced that he was expecting his eighth child with model Bri Ties, his friend Hart thought what better way to celebrate than with a vending machine.

On Monday, Feb. 7, Cannon shared a photo of himself standing next to the said vending machine. However, it did not contain the usual sweet and salty treats; instead, the “Nightschool” star loaded the machine up with contraceptives. 

Kevin Hart pranks Nick Cannon in response to his baby news. Photo: @nickcannon/Instagram  

“Looks like somebody just sent me an early Valentine’s Day gift!! Vending Machine full of Magnums,” he wrote in the caption. At the time, the longtime television host was unsure who sent the massive and very intimate gift. 

Fans flooded the comments section, cracking up over Cannon’s latest gift — many of whom had already pointed Hart out as the culprit behind the mysterious item. “This has @kevinhart4real name all over it,” wrote one Instagram user. Another person commented, “I’m willing to bet it was Kevin Hart.”

Soon after, the “Central Intelligence” star confessed. He also shared a photo of Cannon standing next to his new gift, writing, “I see u got my gift @nickcannon ….GOTCHA B*TCH!!!!!! .”  Hart added, “Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free.”

Cannon replied, “This is not a laughing matter Kevin!!!!” along with a “shaking my head” emoji and two middle finger emojis. However, many fans thought differently, jokingly teasing the star over his knack for having babies. One fan wrote, “you need to start using them…no more popping babies.” A fourth commented, “@nickcannon it actually is, enjoy let’s see how long until you have another baby.” They added, “Get you a girlfriend it’s becoming embarrassing!!!!”

Last month, Cannon revealed that he was expecting a baby boy and eighth child. The announcement shocked many, especially after Cannon vowed to abstain from sexual activities. However, during an episode of his self-titled talk show, the 41-year-old said he started his celibacy journey after learning that he was going to be a father again. 

The comedian said he “didn’t know what to do” and was trying to “get a grasp” on his life. The former child star shared that he actually “felt like I was out of control, and honestly, the celibacy did help me through the journey of getting one with myself and dealing with this.”

He added, “That was the reason why I started my celibacy journey back then. So for anyone who’s thinking, ‘Oh, he wasn’t celibate,’ I was!” 

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