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Here’s What Steve Harvey Had to Say About Nick Cannon, Godfrey and Kenan Thompson’s Impressions of Him

Steve Harvey, a senior statesman in comedy, had some words for three of today’s hottest comedians, Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson, and Godfrey. Basically, he wants them to put some respect on his ‘stache and his industrious hustle.

Harvey appeared as a special guest on a recent episode of the “Nick Cannon Show,” and let it be known that he sees them poking fun at him, impersonating his accent, style of dress, and mocking his signature baldie and mustache.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – FEBRUARY 02: Steve Harvey announces his new business venture at Atlanta Crowne Plaza Hotel on February 02, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SteveHarveyDeals)

The first thing revealed during the interview was how the “Family Feud” host mentored Cannon, encouraging him to “stack” his jobs. The elder comic saluted the father of seven for his grind.

“I mean, look, man,” Harvey smoothly said. “You doing TV. You doing commercials. You doing radio. You have a talk show. You got ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ That’s the way you do it. You have to stack it in this business. You are doing it the right way.”

Despite giving the mentor flowers, he teased him by touching on what seemed to be a sore spot for the Ohio native.

Cannon asked if they remembered who he was on Halloween, “I was you. That’s how much I love you.”

Harvey smiled and said, “I saw a picture. Somebody showed me a picture. This boy right here, when I see him, I’m gonna knock his ass out.” 

The two laughed as friends, as Cannon played a clip of the holiday episode. 

Dressed in a loud red three-piece suit and red, orange, and gold matching handkerchief and tie, fans immediately caught who the “Drumline” actor was costumed as. If that didn’t get them, the exaggerated mustache, teeth set and bald head drove the point in.

Nick Cannon (L) dresses up as Steve Harvey (R) for Halloween. Photo: “Nick Cannon Show”/ YouTube

Harvey, whose estimated net worth comfortably cracks the nine figures, seemed to be in on the joke. As Cannon confessed he wasn’t a good impersonator, he shouted out one of his comedy producers, Godfrey the Comedian. 

Cannon jested, “Oh, you got beef with him too!”

“You got Godfrey!” Harvey exclaims. “Hey, I’m looking for Godfrey, too. Hey man, I can’t tell you how many people showed me clips of that damned Godfrey. Before my new show came out, he was doing stuff about me as a judge on TV before I even came out with this show.”

The multi-hyphenate has a new TV show that streams on and Hulu called “Judge Steve Harvey.” Harvey, who is not a real judge, uses common sense to solve the problems of some of reality TV’s funniest characters. His appearance on Cannon’s show was originally to promote his new venture … but after he found out Godfrey was in the building, hilariously his intentions seemed to change.

“So I got both of y’all in the same room. I’ma knock you and Godfrey’s ass out,” he joked. “You know the crazy part? Cause I got a birthday coming up — I’ll be 65 — I can’t whoop either one of y’all, technically. But I’m so hood with it, and I got so many friends from my past who will do things for $1,500, that I do have ways of getting at both of y’all. I just want you to know that.”

He continued, “Hey, Nick, all I need is you, Godfrey, and that chubby ass Kenan in the same room, from “Saturday Night Live.” If I see all three of y’all together, I’ma set the damn building on fire.”

The entire room is in stitches, not knowing if he was serious or just riding the bit out like the seasoned funnyman that he is.

“Y’all three,” he wraps up. “I’m setting the building on fire. Ain’t none of y’all getting out of it.”

The entertainer clearly understands imitation is the highest compliment, and being the class act that he is, Harvey showers Godfrey with a compliment of his own: “That’s a talented cat.”

New episodes of “Judge Steve Harvey” drop every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on and Hulu.

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