‘They Canceled ‘The Boondocks’ Reboot and Ion Like That’: Fans React to the Reboot Not Moving Ahead

Well, it’s a wrap. ‘The Boondocks‘ reboot will no longer be moving forward at HBO Max. The revival was announced in 2019, adding two additional seasons and a TV special on HBO Max that speaks to today’s modern world.

News of its cancelation was shared by actor Cedric Yarbrough, who voiced ‘The Boondocks’ character Tom DuBois.

“The Boondocks” reboot has been scraped by HBO Max. Photo: The Boondocks/ YouTube

“I hate to say this, but right now, the show is right now not coming back,” said Yarbrough during an interview with the “Geekset Podcast” last week. “I don’t know if this is breaking news. We’ve been wanting to do the show, and Sony…they decided they’re going to pull the plug.”

According to Yarbrough, recording sessions for ‘The Boondocks’ reboot had already begun, adding, “Hopefully, maybe one day we’ll be able to revisit.”

As the news circulates online, social media users shared their reactions to the shocking news, which many oppose.

“They canceled the Boondocks reboot and ion like that. Imma talk about it every time I think about it,” one person wrote, while another person in disbelief writes, “They canceled the Boondocks reboot? Say it ain’t so?”

A third said, “One the outside, I act like I’m ok. But deep down inside I’m upset that ‘The Boondocks’ Reboot got canceled.”

Some fans directly address Sony Pictures about canceling the reboot seven days into Black History Month.

One person wrote, “Why they canceled the Boondocks reboot like that? @SonyPictures @Sony. We got beef during this lovely Black History Month.”

Contrary to other reboot series, many said they would instead do without ‘The Boondocks’ revival, writing, “I love ‘The Boondocks,’ but a reboot is a terrible idea.”

Meanwhile, others have “mixed” feelings considering the late John Witherspoon, who voiced Riley and Huey’s Grandad, died in 2019. Emmy-winning actress Regina King, who voices both Riley and Huey Freeman, is currently grieving the loss of her son.

“I’m kinda mixed on this because on one hand, I wanted to see some new Boondocks’ stuff, but on the other hand [John] Witherspoon is dead, Regina King’s son committed suicide and asking her to come back during that time…Yeah it was probably a good thing that it’s not coming back.”

Using a clip of Riley asking his Grandad for advice, another person wrote, “The Boondocks might not be coming back…but we’ll always have the original and moments like this.”

‘The Boondocks’ premiered on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in 2005. The highly praised series based on the 1996 comic strip of the same name comes from show creator and executive producer Aaron McGruder.

Before airing its fourth and final season in 2014, ‘The Boondocks’ gained commercial success for its comedic approach to some of the most hilarious and controversial moments in Black history and pop culture. Various episodes were scrutinized for their political, social, and economic commentary on pressing matters such as R. Kelly’s abuse trial.

Fans can now find ‘The Boondocks’ original series on Hulu and HBO Max.

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