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‘I See All These New Versions’: 50 Cent Lets Fans Know He Was the First One to Spell Money Out After it Becomes a Viral Trend, Soulja Boy Chimes In

There’s a new money trend on social media that features musical artists standing near messages spelled out with legal tenders. However, as popular as it is becoming,  rapper and hip-hop loan shark 50 Cent is here to let the younger generation know who started it first. 

All week, rappers YoungBoy Bever Broke Again, Lil Durk, Favivio Foreign and Yung Miami of the City Girls and many more have been spotted online photographed alongside various phrases, including, “F-ck Child Support,” “Hurry Y’all B-tch A– Up,” and “Them H-es Ain’t Me” written out with cash. 

50 Cent lets fans know he was the first one to spell money out after it becomes a viral trend. Photo: @50Cent/Instagram

The growing trend prompted a post from the “Power” creator who claimed to be the originator of the latest social media challenge. Taking to his Instagram account over the weekend, he shared a vintage photo of himself sitting on the floor next to several stashes of cash that spelled the word “BROKE.” 

“When I look back at some of the shit that I did, I be bugging out,” the 46-year-old wrote, before giving props to the younger rappers. “I see all these new versions I like all of them.” 

Many appeared to agree that Fif may have been the first to start the wave and even pointed out one distinct difference between the two takes. “Stacks not singles,” wrote one user. “I see what you did.” Another person commented, “But they doing it with single 100 dollar bills you were doing it with stacks of $10,000 lol.”

Other fans, who seemingly remembered first seeing this photo surface years ago, noted how it came to be. “Ppl Forget u trolled the IRS with this one,” wrote a third person.

Still, not everyone agreed. Shortly after Fif’s post, Soulja Boy responded with a screenshot of his 2016 “Stacks On Deck” video, in which he spells out his name in cash. He added in the caption, “I was the first to do it.”

Fif’s photo appeared roughly around 2015, after the star filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy with debts of $36 million and assets of less than $20 million.

According to the National Bankruptcy website, Fif paid off a five-year plan early with $8.7 million of his own money and $13.65 million he received in a legal malpractice lawsuit settlement. In 2016, the photo was brought into question by a Connecticut judge who questioned whether the rapper declared all of his assets the year before. 

In his response to the judge, 50 Cent said: “Just because I am photographed in or next to a certain vehicle, wearing an article of clothing, holding a product, sitting next to what appears to be large sums of money or modeling expensive pieces of jewelry does not mean that I own everything in those photos.”

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