‘No. It’s Never That Serious’: Cardi B Sends Fans In a Panic After She Reveals She Wants to Do This

Cardi B is considering making a major change to her appearance so that her son knows how much she loves him, but her fans hope she can find another way to express her motherly devotion.

The “Up” rapper is considering adding her 4-month-old son’s yet-to-be-revealed name to her already extensive and impressive collection of tattoos, but when she revealed that she’s considering having his name permanently written somewhere on her face, the Internet responded with a resounding “No.”

Cardi B’s considering getting her next tattoo in a location that doesn’t meet fan approval. Photo Credit: @iamcardib/Instagram

“Random but ….I’m 1% close too tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it!,” the “I Like It” rapper tweeted on Monday, Jan. 17, before letting a fan know that if she decides to do it, it’ll be right along her jaw.

Cardi B currently has an estimated 10 tattoos, including her husband’s, rapper Offset, and sister Hennessy’s names tattooed across her body, many of which she’s flaunted on social media and throughout her career — so it wouldn’t be too far of a leap for her to add her infant son’s name to the collection as well.

Fans are all for her commemorating her kids in the form of body art, but pleaded that she reconsider the placement of her possible next addition.

“No. It’s never that serious.”

“Keep it at 1% lol”

“I mean…it’s your choice, but there’s no other location it would look nice in? [woozy face emoji]”

“She bout to pull an amber rose [laughing with tears emoji] [laughing with tears emoji] [laughing with tears emoji]”

Cardi B is considering getting her baby boy’s name tattooed onto her face. Photo Credit: @iamcardib/Instagram

Some fans also wondered about whether Cardi actually misspoke and meant she had her mind 99 percent of the way made up, instead of being “1% close,” like she tweeted.

“One percent ? So really you not that close [raised eyebrow emoji]”

“1% close?!?”

“I see math doesn’t matter when you’re rich [loudly crying emoji] [loudly crying emoji] [loudly crying emoji]”

Tattoos appear to be one of the hip-hop couple’s love languages. The Grammy Award-winning artist’s husband has his fair share of ink as well and Cardi’s name, as well as their daughter Kulture’s name, and his additional children, Kaleah, Jordan and Kody, are among his more than 30 tats.

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