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‘Hold On Auntie, I’m 25 and Can’t Do That’: Jenifer Lewis Shuts Down the ‘Gram with Her ‘Twerk’

Actress Jenifer Lewis is gearing up for her 65th birthday by showing her fans she still has it.

Wearing a white robe and what appeared to be a pink pajama set underneath, Lewis revealed just how “stretched” she was in a new Jan. 13 Instagram video. Filmed by famous drag queen Shangela Laquifa Wadley, the “black-ish” star looks at Wadley behind the camera and says, “Y’all come on. I’m gon’ make my birthday video with them high kicks.”

Jenifer Lewis (Photo: @jeniferlewisforreal/Instagram)

Then Wadley can be heard asking Lewis if she was fully prepared to do the high kicks before they film them. The 40-year-old said, “Wait Jen are you stretched?” The “Princess and the Frog” actress sarcastically and rhetorically asked “Am I stretched,” then proceeded to drop down in a split. “Oh. You better do it,” Shangela cheered on, while Lewis said, “Is this stretched enough for you.”

While holding her split position, Lewis began moving up and down and asked if she was properly doing the “twerk” dance move. Wadley responded “Yes.”

Lewis proceeded to get out of her split and stand up saying, “Oh, honey, I was a cheerleader, I ain’t got no time for that.” Before the video ended, she added, “I’m gon’ be 65 in these streets.”

In the caption, Wadley wrote, “@jeniferlewisforreal STAY READY!! A true inspiration. And y’all better get ready to show her some extra love on her bday coming Jan 25! #65andFine #JeniferLewisAndShangela #showthesebastardsistillgotit.”

Fans cheered Lewis on for her flexibility. One person said, “Hold on auntie I’m 25 and can’t do that.” Someone else added, “Chileee She Letting Us Know Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number.” Another added, “That’s right auntie!I want to still be bussin’ into my split at that age too, hell.”

It seems that Lewis’ split move caught the eye of an admirer. A fan joked, “She needs a young man in her life. I volunteer as tribute.”

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