‘I Often Wonder How She Puts Up with You Two’: Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s ‘Fitting’ Photo Gets Derailed When Fans Focus on Their Daughter Kaavia James

Gabrielle Union‘s latest glam post with her husband Dwyane Wade and daughter Kaavia James Wade got sidetracked after fans zoomed in on the toddler’s appearance.

In the Instagram upload shared on Nov. 4, the actress revealed that the 3-year-old joined her and Dwyane as they did a fitting at home.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s fitting photo goes left after fans zoom in on Kaavia James’ appearance. @gabunion/Instagram

Although Union didn’t disclose the reason for the fitting, she did post a moment that was captured between the trio. The photo showcases Gabrielle and Dwyane posing in their attire while Kaavia, who appeared wrapped in a beige item complemented by many-sizes-too-large black socks, stares into the distance.

The “L.A.’s Finest” star brought even more attention to Kaavia’s appearance when she captioned the upload “Fittings with E.T.” As fans began to view Gabrielle’s image, several people joked that Kaavia appeared over her parents’ “shenanigans.” At the same time, others told the actress to stop teasing the toddler.

“I often wonder how she puts up with you two.”

“Don’t do her like that. She don’t got time for ya shenanigans lol.”

“Y’all play 2 much.”

“Idk why y’all fool with her!”

“Lol, leave that sweet baby alone!”

In addition to those remarks, many pointed out Kaavia’s socks. One wrote, “When y’all see them, y’all see her!!! #Periodt the (sock emoji) took me out!!!” Another said, “Ok, but what is going on with her sock? She’s so funny. LOOL!”

An Instagram user even asked what direction the 3-year-old was facing because the toes of her socks appeared to be pointing from her heels. They said, “Which direction is @kaaviajames facing because her feet don’t match.”

This isn’t the first time Kaavia’s appearance has outshined those of her parents in a photo. Back in July, the couple flaunted outfits consisting of Dwyane wearing an all-white suit and Gabrielle in a black dress. Kaavia stole the spotlight when fans claimed that the toddler appeared she was sending off her parents to their date night.

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